Three cheers for the animal kingdom forevermore: thoughts and observations from an active life of caring…

…you are such wonderful folks to care about animal welfare and to work to save lives. i am so happy to know you all! thank you…we must never give up…we must educate humans so that every person realizes and appreciates the power and majesty and importance of all beings! bless all creatures great and small! ♥ animals matter. and we are intelligent enough to know that! YAY!

i am just a tired old lady who finally developed some guts! i ain’t never gonna shut up! ;D three cheers for the animal kingdom forevermore!

it is soooooooooo hard to put our compassion into words…i struggle with composition of THE moving words to change hearts alllll the time…the way i feel is soooooooooooo strong and i can never ever capture it and i want to capture it because i really wish to convert the non-believers, as many as humanly possible!

oh, baby, yeah!!!!! i am way better faulknerianing it than being formal. hard to please everybody…trying to just write and not give a damn about critics! this entire globe gets all simon cowell-ish…is that the creep’s name? those shows have ruined people…now, literally, everybody’s a critic???? LOL

I AM SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY WONDERING IF SOME OF THESE folks who jump onto these strings and hurl monkey wrenches (pardon the pun) are “plants”…especially happens on strings where folks are really making a great deal of informative sense…and here comes somebody completely outta left field to disrupt the flow? honestly, when it happens i truly wonder…if i ever encounter a string that i do not click with, i move on…i do not stop and ask everybody to scatter and drop dead? does that thought of sabotage by the disenfranchised or clueless or just plain mean-spirited ever cross your mind?

there are some animal folks who either do not “get” it or “really” are NOT at all truly interested in animals.

seriously, i always scratch my head and wonder. almost figuring out the critics also? they wanna do what we are doing? i am not going to use the J word…but i am thinking the culprit is the J word? ;D the old green-eyed monster? tired of those types…to the max.

Neat comment…

From Tressa Marie: “Hi Roy! Your Mom is truly a wonderful person!!”

Check out this petition…

Make it Mandatory to have ALL pets spayed or neutered in every state

I added the following to the sample letter submitted…feel free to use this, anybody and everybody…

A SPECIAL AND PERSONAL NOTE: Veterinary clinics must play a willing and generous part in this effort…time to make these operations affordable for all strata of incomes. The pricing has become prohibitive and is a major part of this epidemic of homeless animals whose lives are so casually ended in shelters. To over-regulate those who are doing their best to comply and not seek cooperation from those who will profit from such a mandate is unfair and only caters to the profits made by the doctors. Thanks to you for realizing the importance of this crucial, crucial issue.


on facebook, there is a photo of southern hounds with numbers tattooed on their sides???? not to be believed and the string of talk is intriguing…my relatives are from that state…they all go to church a lot…i wish they would help save some lives and change some very “deliverance” type mind-sets if possible?

this country/world seems to be on a downward spiral. really believe we should speak up every chance we get…or some holocausts are gonna happen just like what is happening to our fellow mammals right this second…human beings are next…i assume there are still some human beings among us.

when you click onto the pic, the conversation is fascinating…somebody from NC claims that a shooting game of killing hounds, that refuse to hunt, is engaged in and the number of points for the dead dog is added to one’s score. who knows? i do remember watching “deliverance”… i do know who and what rednecks are…unfortunately i truly do.

these poor dogs fill up the shelters…they are retrieved from being chained to trees and left to die and are dumped into shelters at the end of hunting season…travel down there on their super highways which cut through the mountains now and you’ll see oodles of packs of strays running back and forth across the highways…even bears…and the entrails of deer are just left to rot up in the mountains after hunters “dress” them or whatever hunters do…and carcasses of dogs and bears are smattered on the highways as the southerners whiz by on their way to shop and attend church functions.

my mom was born there. back when the state had a conscience i presume. because i got my heart from somewhere or other…i assume from my southern parents. i miss them. i miss grace and graciousness and kindness and action to do what is right and correct.

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