rolling over and playing dead…is not wise

EVERY DAY IS THE SAME FOR ANIMALS…..i envy them that, except that every day more of them than not…considerably more…are ignored and abandoned and killed…please care second by second…be aware and help brighten a life or two or three. thanks for pausing to think of another lonely heart and doing something about it! no matter what day that might be! ♥!!! bless you…

last night my good friend, the talented and kind edward levine noted via facebook about Suffolk County’s new animal abuser registry, “And of course the ultimate goal of having to suffer a severe punishment, many of these psychos will think twice before acting…..” this is important. i do not believe in capital punishment, i always thought, but as a deterrent to brutality and sadism, i am rethinking my gentler stance these days…and why?

innocents and beautiful souls should NEVER be harmed even psychologically not to mention physically. life is tough enough without the highest species behaving like devils. humans know better. so i am with edward…i believe that we evidently must put punishments in place to stop thuggish barbarism in its tracks. too bad education is not happening with the young who should grow up appreciating the rights of all and the freedoms of all to enjoy existence.

this all starts with the young…we must help parents and teachers to realize their responsibility to impart a reverence for all life, regardless of political motivations and religious creeds. sad but true…somewhere along the way we have started to revert to primitive power struggles and politicking with each other and to apply our stubborn biases on whatever moves or whoever passes by.

i am sickened and distressed by the arrogance of manKIND — hopefully only momentarily. waiting patiently for thinking and reasoning to make a comeback and the gift of “caring” — about more than ourselves — to emerge.

cannot stress enough how empathy could solve so many misunderstandings…and how apathy is the bane of our existence. the true evil is apathy…one wouldn’t think so, but it truly is.

as contentious as the environment has become, i myself find it easier not to give a damn. so i try for one more day to save some lives…one day at a time… watching and probably participating sometimes in the “vanity fair”. meantime, animals are suffering and dying in monumental proportions. whatever works to sensitize the supposedly highest species. great advocacy from edward! proud to know him, my friend!

i agree that rolling over and playing dead rather than speaking up is not wise. many third world countries and dictatorships are not unlike our own nation at this moment. we are about to undergo a MORTAL STORM…the thunderclouds are gathering.

so speaking up loudly and often for goodness to prevail is wise rather than to wait until the manipulative power mongers take charge. reminds me of other periods in history when folks went on about their own personal lives and subversiveness rose up and took hold and strangled people and nations and the entire world.

this regard for suffering of animals may strike those who bother to notice as immaterial…it is not. as i wrote in my story such crassness of spirit and such thoughtlessness creeps up and grows day by day until it approaches our front doors and walks right in and hauls us off in cattle cars.

we must not ignore the thuggish behavior which is flaring up in our country nor the simple-minded biases which are being encouraged by power moguls…we are all being victimized and we must all get on the same page…and remember to stand up for what is correct and what is kind. so i truly agree that we must be loud and proactive.

i worry that the terrorists’ crimes were also that of dividing our country quite simplistically into two camps making no sense whatsoever except that hate is festering among ourselves. we have stopped trying to understand the hearts of others and the needs of others…and i too veer from anger back to compassion and so forth and so it goes.

love and understanding and empathy should not be confusing…simply practiced even when it becomes more and more difficult. but believe me when i say that i too shall not put up with hate…i have done that long enough now. most of my life.

i now wish to speak up and i am. good for us…we are correct to do so.

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