The two most important days in your life…

These comments are grand – thank you so!! From Edward Levine: “Susie, this is a great group…..In order for any group to be great it has to have a leader who is loved, admired, and looked up to…….That would be you…….Any animal lover, compassionate person, or just a good person in general is inspired by what you have to say and write every day…..So this group of wonderful people have been drawn together because of the messages you send, the causes you stand for, the compassion and concern you exude…It’s only natural for wonderful people to hold in the highest esteem, and admire, respect and look up to someone who makes a difference every day in so many different ways……That would be Susie Sexton!!!!!!! Susie, the reason you have a following of fans is because who you are and the principles you stand for…….Just by being you, you have earned many wondrous souls in your life (not sure I qualify), and my suspicion is you did not do SOMETHING somewhere along the line to draw so many people to you……I would bet everything I own that you have lived your life in total correctness, and sharing the incredible values you have to your son and all the people who have jumped on the Susie Sexton band wagon is just further proof of the incredible woman you are……There are many wonderful people out there, not all of them get a following like you……..You are awesome and I continue to marvel at you every day………”

Some video fun!

From Yuka Yamashita: “Timely like you read my mind, Susie! I was just thinking about this today, and thinking about what I can do and should do to make things better in this world!! This is so true and I will keep searching, trying to find out that answer!!” [Yuka was responding to this quote: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born…and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain]

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