Pot pourri: review of Jim Robertson’s Exposing the Big Game, some additional thoughts on hunting, and some wonderful feedback

Wanted to recommend to you all the book “Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport” by my new friend Jim Robertson. Below is the review I added to the book’s Amazon listing

i now have this fabulous book on my desk…often picking it back up and reading aloud to my husband. how stunning are the photographs and the persuasive words of wisdom! the message is clear…and powerful…and one that each of us must take to heart. [‘] thank you, Jim. i also am fascinated with his blog entries which are well worth checking out ([…]).

i am walking around reading passages out loud…now, that’s the true test, isn’t it? it’s like another of my bibles…some of my other bibles are JAMES DEAN A-Z and BENET’S READER’S ENCYCLOPEDIA! and all of SHAKESPEARE’S WORKS! so, believe me when i say this book is in good company!!!!!! as befits the material jim is presenting! [‘] i am in heaven when i am surrounded by the right bibles! adore it…and shall be quoting from it until the hunting stops altogether!


More thoughts…

i do my best…i can honestly say i give it my all (at this advanced age not sure how much “my all” might be though? ;D)… what spurs me on is people who “get” this…what also spurs me on are the folks who refuse to budge or rediscover their hearts. geesh, why take bitterness out on animals?

that is the challenge and the great puzzle…as dudley moore says in ARTHUR when he views a severed, mounted deer’s head in a rich guy’s mansion…”gee, you must have really hated that animal”…rationalizing killing always perplexes me to the max.

FDR was so correct with WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF…i believe in that to the max…therefore not being an alarmist i would never condone mass slaughters of so called “pesky” animals

and, oh, how i do agree that animals can forgive…sometimes patience is all that is required from human beings…something as virtuous and as simple as patience which animals can teach us for sure. their serenity is miraculous.


Some kind and supportive comments on the most recent Homeward Angle column “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again,” which can be found here (as blog entry) or here (from newspaper with photos)……thrills me so! Thanks!

Elizabeth Lean: “love you, [Susie] as you are so funny…you are lovely and an animal lover – what else can I say…[Susie] is a star, and I have grown very fond of her even though we are miles apart and strangers .xx”

Colleen Hornidge: “love it*xo”

Sharon Brockhaus: “Enjoy reading about the Blue Bell family and my dad Bill Winters. I can still remember the smell of denim in the cutting room. I loved going back to the plant after work hours with him while he finished some work.”

Tyler A. Chase: “I just went through this with the anniversary of my mothers death.. it is important and you don’t realize it right away….”

Jim Robertson: “Thanks for posting!”

Lucy Grant: “What fun to think about Hazel Munns again. Your mom captured her essence perfectly! Also pleased to meet Treva whom I did not know.”

Pat Heinbaugh: “Read and enjoyed very much:)”

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