Compassion does contain the word passion…

it is a war between good and evil…and apathy…empathy must rule the day. we must never roll over and play dead in the face of cruelty. we must reach those people who have open, caring hearts and urge them to speak up often and emphatically…

we can CHANGE those who perpetrate bruitish behavior toward the innocent…either through education or legislation. gotta start NOW. if punishment is the answer, so be it

i am just now reading a rotary bulletin discussing all the damage that deer do to …TREES and landscaping?????…so i am sure for a civic project the theme will be OFF WITH THEIR HEADS…committee at work on that right now…i am one lone voice in a wilderness and pissing off townspeople right and left…i can barely leave the house these days.

but i am persisting. even with stomach ulcers! ;D others may agree with stopping these murders but they ain’t ever gonna own up to it and join in to stop it…not here anyway…i am it!

this is an important conversation…wishing we could get some folks to aid us in seeking legislation…although i think we are all IMPORTANT souls, high-profile and recognizable persons recruited to our cause would be fantastic!

so glad we are exchanging ideas and dreams and philosophies…somebody said to me today that it is not natural to be cruel to animals and to wish them ill…but the almighty dollar and fear of retribution closes mouths and shuts down hearts…something is going on…why are most people so reticent to stand up for kindness and supporting the cessation of rampant brutality…and why do so many others swagger and talk roughly about animals?

at least the “tree” committee seems to be working around deer munching their saplings this go-round…noticed that they are going to plant the tree “starts” differently so that deer cannot upset the landscaping plans.

(burger king now going to serve up BACON SUNDAES — i am seeing on CNN right now THAT idiotic news all perkily delivered by the newscastress!)

wow, compassion does contain the word “passion”…and that is what it takes…we gotta stop the madness and the massacres and we can…we truly can. ♥ yep!!!!!


Appreciate these comments so…

Paro Babu: “yes, Susie is a awesome person…we too are proud of her and all her posts”

Tressa Marie: “Thank you for your friendship too Roy! and like Paro said, your Mom is an awesome person …. we are so proud to know her. Love you, Susie Sexton!! …. and we are proud to know you too Roy!…Susie, you always make my day whenever I see your posts or read about you! You are amazing and wonderful!! Blessed to have you in my life!!”

Michelle Enticott: “Aaaaww…that just shows how much people love to read Susie’s wise words 🙂 x”

Denise Earley: “Lovely lady. x”

Daniel Issabey: “Hey, Susie, it is amazing how much you love animals. God bless your heart for all that you do on you Facebook to spread awareness.”

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