deer…the most dangerous animal alive?!?!

hateful, duplicitous, double-talking, snake-oil salesman letter in our little local paper today urging year-round deer hunting cuz “deers are the most dangerous animals alive” from a doc who says why pay the price of even one human life of a driver in a car getting killed…cuz his own cars get dented?

we have had bizarre hunting accidents and hunters have shot each other and another skinning a deer alive got maybe gored in the liver while mutilating the animal in the 21 park deer reduction festivals.

all this shooting all year long sounds like absolute craziness from someone purporting to cherish even one human life being enough to sacrifice to killer deers?

poppycock which our fundamentalist overpopulation will rally round as if they are all in heat again to produce even more of their own babies to go off to more cooked-up wars. damn, we are in trouble right here in river city.

this small town crud will multiply many times over. there is a campaign afoot to filter down to children that ANIMALS DO NOT MATTER NOR DOES THE ENVIRONMENT…GO TO CHURCH FOR MORE INFO.

link to the letter here

(oh, and we’ll feed these mean deer to the poor and we just discovered that the republican administration rediscovered a multi-million dollar slush fund at our state capital and did not share the wealth with even our school system…but geese can now be shot until february and deer all year round so docs cars do not get dinged and the poor can contract tuberculosis?)

postscript…….needless to say, we wish to either move from a state shooting guns and arrows all year long for our “safety” or attempt to have rational voices soar and be heard by these types who murder for fun if the truth be told…thinking they are jocks instead of serial killers with dangerous expensive weapons off which somebody is making a huge profit.

not to mention licenses and costume apparel and DNR jobs to cousins, etc. deer populations can be controlled naturally…no one even tries that because those who label themselves “huntsmen” enjoy the unbalanced “game” as if they are on reality tv…how bitchy and ill-equipped these lost souls actually are, not to mention insecure jerk-wads. hunting a sport? ha!

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