Symbolizing the chasm…some win big while others lose tragically (2011)

Greenville, South Carolina, is one of the cities which signifies something significant in my life…and I am disheartened that despite its recent spike in achieving opulence, the record number of discarded animals/pets is startling.

One wonders why, with the amazing dumping of living beings into the Greenville shelter, that a choice must be made between either destruction and addition of this animal into a pile of carcasses imminently OR a $3,000 price tag for medical attention. Very common lately — and the gap seems questionable.

Either destroyed or those who care raise significant funds out of love and concern. A strange dilemma. Typical though. Opportunism clashes with the special bond between animals and people.

In that environment when some win big while others lose tragically we see a reflection of our society across the board. Time to speak up? These stunning animals symbolize that chasm.

So many of us have observed this for quite a lengthy time now, as we work to educate people to help reverse this trend in animal rescue as well as the world at large.

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