i do not discuss harry potter or vampire sex…I DO discuss animal advocacy!

my modest little book, lamenting the state of the world and extolling my happy childhood which made me the liberal soul i am to this day here in the dull midwest, can be accessed at www.susieduncansexton.com …only an e-book and floating in the air. my little book is NOT a hit with 20 somethings because i do not discuss harry potter or vampire sex…and people my age do not rely on computers or believe in e-books or give out their charge card numbers. rock and a hard place for sure.

i have loved working for animals…to me, one of the noblest purposes of this world called facebook and life in general. and you humans who strive on their behalf and care have impacted my soul and revitalized my purpose, but my spirited outlook needs a boost because it’s in the toilet. more than a little. way too often, animal advocacy is the last concern of folks…i am having difficulty watching that fact of life. i do not feel at all productive…i have faith that i’ll figure out how to convince others how sobering this environmental issue is and how necessary to address.

i have experienced this “feeling” before but this time logic is adding its influence. i am baffled by those who do not give one damn…not one. nothing to be done i assume to change this course, but as i wrote, watching “it” is not good for my soul for awhile. too dismaying, too disappointing. what is IS but i gotta learn to accept it…or somehow help to change what appears to be utter apathy…the epidemic proportions of disregard for human as well as animal suffering are sure indicators.

“….those that are so passionate in their spirit and belief that they DO make a difference and help those of us who do have compassion maintain our sanity.” yes, what a perfect tribute to the massive amount of great human beings who do care…perfect! …maybe i’ll bounce out of this attitude that about strangled me a few hours ago.

does my heart good that there are angels out there for animals…there is hope for them all with such strong convictions on their behalf! animals are worth as much time and love as we can extend their way.

since alec baldwin is currently my facebook profile pic, i am beginning to feel like coming out of the bathroom to continue to play my word-game on an american airlines flight. this animal stuff is relentless…we can never do enough to turn these atrocities around, to educate those who need to pay attention and help, and to march right into hell to save these fabulous innocents from second by second tragedies which are beyond belief and all comprehension.

i am exhausted from not only a lifetime of caring so intensely…but from nearly 7 years of advocating for animals via computer and getting smacked in my damned face quite a lot. this matters to me more than life itself and i do not accept apathy or snotty scorn happily nor easily.

it does my heart and my mind good to know that there just have to be more human beings who care than those who do not give a fig. i truly love that all of you are urging me to continue playing my “word-game”…me and alec! (who by the way is an animal lover and also the prince charming to kim basinger…she forgot how special that guy is–he saved her from a sad situation when they began dating…he is constantly mis-judged which our country excels at lately…)

postscript…working on development of the magic and inspirational words which might reach other human beings…feel free to add your own philosophy of the value of life over imposed death. enlightenment is long overdue…this collision course we are on with other species and races and religions is frightening for us all. never accept mass murder/ final solutions under any circumstances for any other living souls.

(Read more at www.susieduncansexton.com)

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