look elsewhere for true representatives… (2012)

my continuing discussion about Indiana Congressman Marlin Stutzman takes the form of a letter to the editor in today’s Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. Read it by clicking here.

make politicians accountable and responsive to all who live…not just to special interests and those who finance their campaigns. an epidemic of self-interest among our elected officials…stop them in their tracks. animals are at the bottom of the barrel. always.

here is the text of the letter:

Stutzman ignores us

So many Hoosier voices now gather momentum to express dismay that the votes of a large and burgeoning portion of “Representative” Marlin Stutzman’s constituency do not matter. His stubborn advocacy for deregulation of the farm industry is revelatory of startling self-interest and the resultant desire to please only those who eased him into public office under most confusing circumstances, twice now.

Floods of canned letters from this fellow’s staff — outlining why he supports only the agricultural voting bloc and caters to special interests rather than insisting upon the humane treatment of animals — pile into heaps upon the desks and kitchen tables of concerned persons of both political persuasions. His franking privilege is alive and well.

Our representative pays no heed to our letters, emails, petitions or phone calls pleading for mercy extended to assorted varieties of sentient beings. Remember that this earth, in which we all have a stake, thankfully generates by the second more and more individuals whose concern resides in kindness, a fair appraisal of environmental issues and the welfare as well as rights of animals. We agree, in ever-increasing proportions, that we shall not support any future candidacy of Stutzman. We tax-paying, fair-minded citizens shall urge other fellow Hoosiers to join us as we look elsewhere for true representatives.


i do my best and so do others who jump in to save lives every day! I love you people! ♥! =^..^= Keep up the great work on behalf of those who need dogged assistance to continue to live out their lives!

From John Staggs: “Susie, you are so kind and care so much!!!!!! thank you so much.”

From Tressa Marie: “Great letter Susie wrote! Bless her and all she does for our animal friends. Sending her respect and hugs ♥”

From Beverley Holden: “Susie is always on the money.”

From Nancy Hartman: “Susie, I am so very, very thankful that there are so many loving and caring people like you and so many others like you, who go out of there way to try their best to find loving homes for the dogs and cats out there. You all never give up on finding homes for them all, and I love you all for being a loving person to are dogs and cats out there.”

From Edward Levine: “Why is it that everything that Susie Sexton says is so logical, so easy to understand, makes such complete sense, is so compassionate that even the dullest knives in the drawer can understand it……I have to believe it’s not that they can’t comprehend it, it’s that they don’t want to comprehend it……..I think that not wanting to understand it is more scary and more dangerous then not understanding it in the first place………”

From Shannon Basner: “Thank you Susie! It is all of us that will make the difference, especially through the challenges…There is just too much ignorance and egos in this world. Just be nice and thoughtful and you’d be amazed how things could change….We live in a very selfish time, where no one appreciates the world around them and bitterly complains, while doing nothing about it….You do make a difference, each and every day. It is your voice along with so many that can make a change even if it is for one animal at a time. Your posts, your page, your compassion is very evident in your posts. I have to believe that things can change for the better, these animals need that from all of us.”

From Madeleine Fisher-Kern: “I can’t take this anymore. One story is more horrific and extreme than the previous. It’s like humanity is sinking in quick sand…I would burst like a balloon filled with water and dropped to the ground. I would feel better if our words carried some weight with those who don’t know already how endangered humanity is in the way we treat each other and the animals who share this planet. It is a sign of human deterioration. There is no thought any more to civility and without civility there is chaos….Words are better than bullets. Unfortunately, the NRA is not in agreement.”

From Kamini Christina Merner: “Good morning or afternoon, Susie (afternoon here). I wish you a lovely, joyful day. May your pen never stop!! I was filled with such anger yesterday, my heart hurt when I read the news that Buck, the blind Elderbull had been found dead. He was failed at every point by those who were supposed to *rescue* him. The sight of his poor body laid in that electrical shaft shook me to the core. There were no loving arms to guide him back to the light, he died afraid and alone,failed by humans. Today I have strengthened my resolve to do what I can to find out the answers to his death, his life must not go unmarked.”


oh, yes, the challenges provide the lessons that i wish i had been born knowing rather than learning as time progresses. could have done so much more throughout a lifetime. wishing we could educate young people to enhance their own lives with such unqualified caring about others.

…ignorance and egos…and “nice and thoughtful”…can you imagine that? glad i know nice and thoughtful people like those quoted above! i sorta remember what it was like once…really was…nobody even says THANK YOU these days…seriously…

…my husband and i just sit and shake our heads after we make an attempt to do something worthwhile. this world is unreal. totally unreal. honestly, social graces are totally dead.

humanity IS sinking in quicksand…head first…like ostriches…i see it all around, don’t you? we cannot believe what we observe. if there were no voices like ours, i would want to stop living. thanks for your mind…and your compassion and your bravery for telling the truth.

…i am so overwhelmed by these tragic stories and cannot imagine being apathetic to the need to get others involved and to address the root of the problem…to encourage empathy…to relate lack of caring about animals to lack of concern about humanity…there is a direct link…all living souls matter…i get quite discouraged myself…but hop right back upon the horse after scratching my head in puzzlement that not everyone on this earth cares about the brutality and the ignorance which is the direct cause of suffering.

THE NRA IS THE DEVIL… no cigarette smoking? follow idiotic rules and regulations established by special interest groups? eat all the innocent animals that are over-bred and damaged and damaging and slaughtered by the second…and remember everyone has a right to purchase guns at the wal-mart? where do we begin? what kind of monsters are in charge? and how did “they” start calling the “shots” and how do we stop the madness?

my question is: how do we reach folks who refuse to stop and help us in this crucial battle to promote understanding and tolerance and love? a shameful condition…not to care at all.

…the issue is love, compassion, clear understanding and yes, tolerance. a caring atttitude is the sign of an intelligent mind in tune with a kind heart. and kindness does not mean playing dead and rolling over…being kind involves sorting through mind-sets and changing those behaviors which are harmful to other living beings. it is not easy and often not a popular stance to assume. i have many many war-wounds which are quite permanent…but scar tissue allows me to move on each day. you are just like i am!

the only comfort and thanks we need is/are the saving of lives with no fanfare…just no more killing and no more imprisonment and a gradual respect for all who live as we evolve to good sense and understanding.


i hardly ever sleep…i wait until i simply drop and then sleep peacefully. if i try to sleep when everyone else does, i cannot ignore my aching heart and my stomach pain which have resulted from working ’round the click to help to save lives. yes, this is a holocaust…perpetrated by a wide variety of human beings who have lost all compassion and have only love for themselves. (period) but friends like those quoted above and those of you reading these words you give me my faith in humanity again. ♥ ♥ ♥

…so incredible to do what is correct and good for all…animals and ourselves. when folks prattle on about their recipes and their bods and continue to eat meat, i just cannot believe it. i am not an eyeball roller or a sigh-er, but i admit when i see humanity gathered at a buffet/ smorgasbord/cafeteria/restaurant/outside “grill” and they are worse looking than the really actually attractive and appealing pigs they demean and make fun of and EAT (mammals cannibalizing other mammals!) animals piled high upon their plates, i do roll my eyes and i sigh.

thanks to those HUMANS who restore my confidence in being a human. some days i do not even approve of the word “human”… but when our species behaves and is compassionate and brilliant and caring, the word is meaningful once again…human…ALWAYS needs an “-e” though at all times. HUMANE!!!!!

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