there is profit in so-called animal “over-population”…

there is profit in so-called animal “over-population”…cadavers rendered into fertilizers and pet food incredibly (and gassing machines mass-produced and sold in many states)…not to mention live homeless animals sold for research and experimentation.

same with hunters claiming they are all doing us a favor? they love squealing “over-population” so they can play “deliverance” games and spend dough on weapons and costumes. DNRs love counting up the cash for licenses.

watch out for self-serving spins from profiteers who have duped a lot of the apathetic among us.

birth control, which is NOT a dirty word, has been scientifically available…but ain’t being utilized for terribly dubious reasons. never ever should any one of us sanction cold-blooded murder…think about it.

…and i watch people smugly eat dead animals and complain about their own minor health problems and discuss recipes…and condemn others for this and that while they chew up decaying cadavers at a restaurant — or from outdoor grilling… causing colon, prostate, breast cancers just for starters…unreal…totally nightmarish and yet comical their smugness is.

and it is everywhere…and the profits are obscene for that upper 1% out there.

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