Killers too proudly pose…

Tears HOT run down my face.
View hectic human race
In stills and videos!
Killers too proudly pose
Alongside fallen prey.
“Stop!” Many of us pray.
Let our voices be heard —
And fresh consciousness stirred.


Inspired by this blog post by my friend Shannon Wright


Some nice comments recently received:

From Paul Clifford Schrade: “Thank God we have our Susies who can help to preserve our past which has so may redeeming virtues. We don’t have that much in our shiny jet travel present day that is really worth bragging about!!”

From Akiko Motomura: “Thank you so much Susie! It’s so kind. xx You’re amazing! Thanks Susie. ♡…You’ve got a wonderful mom Roy Sexton. :-)”

From Beverley Holden: “you’re doing a fab job..x thank you x…Thank you for all you do..x We just love animals and HATE what happens to them :(“

From Kat-Kelly Heinzelman: “I love your page, Miss Susie. Hope things are good with you.”

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