Status time…no more killing, no more bullying, no more selfishness

status time–just now read a post stating that record numbers of innocent dogs and cats are murdered (yes killing is killing — a catch-all/short-hand term) in shelters every day now. so, if they are dumped due to the economy –and not out of pure apathy and selfishness…

well, for starters, do not be intimidated by the humongous expense of veterinary care. the best and most effective care a human can provide for an animal is LOVE AND NURTURING.

BTW, the alternative to just reaching out and adopting a stray or a shelter animal is DEATH for that homeless living being…and that’s worse than insufficient veterinary care. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED. LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

please stop giving up on animals…please do not dump them…please adopt and thanks so very much…the healing they provide, in this selfish and money-hungry world, is way better than human psychiatric treatment and human psychosomatic illnesses.

i have a handicapped cat myself…precious girl she is…wish everyone had the hearts of those of us who care about them enough to go that extra mile. wow. wouldn’t that be great? cuz many more hearts are needed in this battle to revere all living beings.

…i tried to figure out what might be the problem with all of this second by second mass-murdering and why it is going unchecked and disregarded. so appalling. time for cooperation among all human beings…allllllllll human beings…those who care should not be intimidated into giving up pets…and those who do not give a d*mn should begin to think of something besides themselves. end of statement. period

…people disappoint me on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis…ungrateful and non-responsive and unappreciative and disloyal and undependable…other than that humans are fine! ;D lots of nice ones

…however, follow-through and life-long commitment to causes and passions and each other? not so much! failing grade there! (and usually the wrong folks get all the glory…) want loyalty? adopt a dog…or cat! =^..^=

…what absolute s**ts! tired of mincing words about blood-thirsty crappers! is that better! ;D and some people feel some killing is okay of some animals…geesh again…cannot even fathom that lack of logic!

tired of being forced to get shy about these atrocities…the joys of living in a very small town i guess? ;D well f**k that!

thinking outside ourselves is fantastic! thanks for reading…now please go get a pet…or open your front door to a stray! LOVE HEALS ALL WOUNDS! ♥ ♥ ♥


Nice comment from Sylvie Caltrider about the “Secrets of an Old Typewriter” video: “I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH. I was raised in a very small town in Normandy, France, and you bring back good memories. Very refreshing thank you…I am glad that I made your day as you make so many of us happy.”


awww, the screaming talking heads can just shut up now…men discussing marriage in any form whatsoever is just gaggy and unconvincing … and the entire concept is a dinosaur … count the divorces and check out the adultery.

one big pose since its advent. men? women? let’s start referring to all human beings as persons…and shut up about SEX at last…

…gone about as low as it can go…so great when people are not afraid to speak up in the face of horrors like bias and bullying and slaying animals and so forth. i am glad obama spoke up on behalf of goodness and kindness today…about time. about time. hopefully, folks start easing up on nasty crap now…it is no longer nor never was cute…it is disgusting. and elections should start reflecting that. no more bigots. no more witch-hunters.

yep…and lunatics they are…i don’t care how “right” they think they are, mean is mean — and the biases and the bullying are getting way outta hand. sick of the nasties among us! way too many of ’em…and many claim god would approve of their crap…well, huh-uh!~ no way!

my husband spoke of the frightening fundamentalist movement about 10 years ago and has never relented…i disagreed with him…but day by day it is getting deeper and deeper in a very shallow way….know what i mean? and the sheer hypocrisy is startling…take a good look at the types who purport to be holier than thou…and baby they are not now nor have they ever been. incredible. and it is horrid.

plastic headed boobies… stupid idiots can be dangerous in large groups…and they always gotta be in groups cuz of their sissiness…a lot of macho types are actually as sissy as h*ll…that is why they operate in groups. i would love to write more about this and list those groups…but some of those groups might smack me down…;D hopefully, you can fill in the blanks. wheeeeeee. and oh, yeah, the hypocrisy is UNREAL…cannot believe how many who have behaved sooooooooo questionably are on board the heaven-bound express. if that’s where they end up i would rather go to h*ll! gladly!

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