Seemingly Uncivilized…and Perhaps for Profit (Follow-up with NC Governor Bev Perdue) (2011)

Please realize that so very, very many of us are alarmed regarding 24 gassing locations in the Tarheel state, possible conflict of interest if a public official-veterinarian manufactures those contraptions and also runs seminars at Gaston demonstrating with live homeless animals, and selling of Whiteville homeless beings for experimentation and fertilizer products or for rendering into pet food. Thank you for acknowledging our concerns.

North Carolina enjoyed status as a progressive state while I was growing up and visiting every summer with my father whose home office was in Greensboro…for decades we made that trip and to also visit with our relatives in Burlington, Raleigh and High Point.

I, personally, am crushed that such a lovely state’s treatment of wonderful animals is so very puzzling and seemingly uncivilized…and perhaps for profit. Thanking you in advance for your immediate action. Animals used in research and laboratory experiments diminishes by the day all across America…so startled about the Whiteville situation. Stunned.

Automated response from Governor Perdue that prompted the above…

“Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Bev Perdue. We are here to serve you, and want to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence. Suggestions and comments will be read and referred to the appropriate staff member. If you submitted a question or request for assistance, we will follow up with you as soon as possible.”

Office of the Governor Bev Perdue
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699
1-800-662-7952 (for NC residents only)
919/733-2120 (fax)

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