the prejudice against our gender is undeniable.

i sorta believe that i get underestimated every day…and before i die, all that i wish is, in real time, for a handful of sincere apologies from a handful of folks who have blown me off far too often and tried to demean my interests and my beliefs mostly because i am a female.

the prejudice against our gender is undeniable.

the biases against women as “thinkers” is undeniable.

i can hardly wait until we are considered persons…women will be kinder to each other and men will know they must accept us as people. what a day that will be. and i shall sit straight up in my casket when certain folks MAY come to view the body, those who did not give me the time of day when it mattered. they had better stay home! ;D

and i could list them right here right now.

ain’t life grand? i think we gotta enjoy it while we are here and not wait for heaven. sure of that! ♥!! this is as close to heaven as we get…real time matters.


that being said, I am fortunate to have some wonderful, kind souls in my life whose support means the world to me…here are some comments on my most recent “homeward angle” column (you can read it by clicking here) which just thrilled my soul!

Lisa Reiff-Claypool: “Susie Sexton is one confident, talented, intelligent, and classy lady. I’m proud to call her my friend.”

Barb Nicholson: “As always, I enjoy Susie’s column. This one was especially fun because I always enjoyed MacLean Stevenson’s antics on MASH and it was neat to read how your mom worked with him in the Music Man. Must have been fun time!”

Bob Kellogg: “Enjoyed Susie’s article very much! Didn’t know she’d been active in the theater. And, have to mention that I played one of the school board (Baritone in the quartet) When the Greensboro community theater produced ‘The Music Man’ several years ago. It was great fun. Probably my favorite musical.”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Thank you, Roy and Miss Susie….Love you both and I miss you both too. LOL…Roy, it is almost time for Miss Susie and I to take that vacation up at your house…are you ready for us?”

Laura Reiff Underwood: “Love it! Thanks for sharing this. Susie is an excellent writer. I might be partial because she usually finds a way to include animal & animal rights :)”

Susan Henley: “The life lesson I learned recently is to live as if you are in your ‘some days.’ Some day I’ll go to Italy, some day I’ll learn how to oil paint or whatever you have been putting off……do it now or at least plan to do it soon. Life is short and you never know when your time will be over. Your time is now, this week, this day, this minute – – explore it! Thanks, Susie, for getting us thinking!!”

Susan Alcott Jardine: “Keep on with the wonderful columns, Susie. xoxo”



oh, since birth almost i have observed the kinkiest sexuality all about…the MAD MEN series sets the stage for all of us looking away while adultery roars or sneaks about between the traditional man/woman couplings…i am so non-hetero at …this point in time from a lifetime of playboy activities among school-mates and others even closer to myself that i am amazed that so many have managed to get elected to office and to be honored in other ways and to move onto 2nd and 3rd marriages and behave as if children can be born out of wed-LOCK and that is referred to these days as “family”…how confusing it has all been.

nothing has shocked me since i was 2 and 1/2 years old…but because of my own life experiences i considered becoming a nun…seriously. looking away during the clinton escapades led to an epidemic of oral sex experimentation among kids, mind you. the first time i ever heard of such an idiotic concept was the “69” moronic rock slop popular when i was in college! women parade about as skimpily clad as possible, enhancing their body parts and for what reason? victims and victimizers and the most sexed up culture in the history of mankind…america should be really proud of this mess.

as to pretty boy john edwards and his long-suffering wife…another example of the “mister” being acceptable as a candidate for public office while the dame becomes lady macbeth…she had the more brilliant mind but she stood behind mr. wonderful and he took himself as seriously if not more so than his loving overweight originally sweet and intelligent wife ever did.

women are never categorized as “thinkers”…people are programmed to dismiss females with other means of categorization, all demeaning…we are the hugest minority who must be silenced one way or another. i tried that quiet, shy stint for most of my life…and i found that being a coward is not my style…i am a braver person than i ever imagined i would be…and sex is the last thing on my mind. it is only an appetite and a dangerous one at that…and has screwed all of us up royally! ;D

(oh, and another sure way to get elected is to claim god wants you to run, that you extol “family” — ha!, man on woman sex and plenty of it, and to drive while intoxicated…no problem…you’re at the statehouse in a shot! hypocrisy wins every time!)

…and as for run-on sentences (those occur when a conjunction is used and a comma gets left out), my uncle william faulkner and i love them…it’s our style…but i did need to set off the skimpily clad women…with a period before i discussed them? pardon the pun! ;D

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