Part III: May Need to Revisit the Carolinas After All (2011)

Davidson County (North Carolina) commissioner Fred McClure sent another message yesterday – my reply follows:

“Thank you, and we are moving more toward the injection. It is a poor testimony for the citizens of our county that we have 7,000 animals at the shelter in the first place. Irresponsible pet ownership is the real problem and ‘how’ we put them down is not. Thanks for your kind words. I can assure you, most of the emails have been anything but civil. North Carolina would do well to have you back.”

My reply…

Again, thank you, sir! Of course, I work daily and ‘round the clock for NOKILL SHELTERS ( and a NOKILL NATION ) and many “pounds” have made the change-over quite successfully.

If more folks would adopt or foster these living beings, we could empty the shelters immediately. In a heartbeat…and never reach these epidemic proportions of homeless souls ever again.

How impressed I am with your concern and willingness to engage in harmonious solutions. I may need to revisit the Carolinas after all.

I adore the Asheville area which is nestled between my South Carolina relatives and my Tarheel kin. Even consider moving there from time to time.

I am a Thomas Wolfe fan and adore Carl Sandburg’s Connemara home and enjoy wandering about his “genius” wife’s pastoral goat farm—a nokill situation since its inception.

Bless your heart for helping me to save these precious lives. (I am always advocating for low-cost spaying and neutering to be made readily available, and I truly believe there is no such thing as “humane killing”—the two words cannot be juxtaposed.)

Happy that you and I made contact!

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