From my pal Eddie Mah:

We don’t need to eat Protein !!Yes, you heard right. We need Amino Acids so our bodies can turn into useful Protein. Animal products do not supply our bodies with the right amino acids which we can use. When we eat flesh, our body has to break down the improper Protein back to Amino Acids. Then it has to compose it to the Proteins which we can use. This is very inefficient. This process also helps develop high Cholesterol; leftover item from unprocessed flesh. We put so much extra pressure on our organs, like Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas. Pancreas failure causes diabetes. We also end up clogging up our arteries, resulting in heart attacks and strokes. We have long intestines like a cow or a horse. We can digest a simple food like a Piece of Lettuce and turn it into a complete protein; Similar to cow eating only grass. Go Vegan and thrive in good health!

And some additional info from another pal Philip Fullerton:

I had to respond because of the comments about getting iron. All those veggies high in iron mentioned are not usable sources of iron…unless…you incorporate ascorbic acid (vitamin c) into it. Eat an orange, then eat spinach. Otherwise, you will still be anemic. I had this same problem when I kept trying to be vegetarian earlier in life. Also, blackstrap Molasses has a more absorbable form of iron. I had the same problem and this time I’ve been vegetarian 4 months and no problems.

I AM A TRUTH SEEKER AND A PUBLICIST FOR TRUTH…WHAT A GREAT CALLING, RIGHT? i started out as an accidental vegan…then a misguided society interrupted me! shame on … society! seriously! the medical problems which developed among my immediate family can be directly tracked to misinformation from a corporate world…ain’t in the genes…IS in the toxic and cruel menus foisted upon mankind. bless, eddie for persistence! that is key, NEVER GIVING UP!

the changes are interesting…and the feeling is a good one. speaks to the wisdom of naming animals and revering them rather than ever eating them…

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