your vote reveals your heart and your intelligence: Indiana’s Ag-Gag Bill (2013)

Ah, the wonders of PHONE! Just spoke with Hoosier folks who’ll convey my message of concern regarding today’s “conference” status of S.B. 373, the “Ag-Gag” Bill!


They listened patiently and will convey my thoughts to four Republicans: Governor Mike Pence (got his voice-mail!); Senator Jim Banks; and Representatives Kathy Heuer and Dan Leonard. I pray that human health, animal welfare, free speech, and the transparency of “industrial” operations will all be considered and will lead to opposition of this bill so that Indiana is in step with the 21st century.

Re-electability should not be a factor nor should this issue be politicized when intelligent elected officials vote their consciences — I trust that will happen. I hope that I am correct.


I ask of all politicians…

Please do not politicize this issue with all Republicans voting against the welfare of animals who are victimized for profit. All ‘industries’ need to be monitored…and free speech guaranteed.

Your votes when previously recorded and studied absolutely reflect that animals seem to be Democrats and their lives do not matter. This is an important vote for the well-being of humans, regardless of party affiliation, as well as abolishing the crass apathy and frequent cruelty directed toward those animals over-reproduced and too often mistreated and all for monetary gain, regardless of the damage to the human digestive system as well as the spiking proliferation of breast and prostate cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and heart attacks.


Be brave…your vote reveals your heart and your intelligence. Be not afraid that you might be voted out of office…this matter involves the importance of AND your regard for life itself.


If you know anyone in Indiana, please share this immediately. Indiana’s ag-gag bill, which makes it illegal to expose factory farms, clearcutting, and fracking, has resurfaced and it is being rushed through the legislature.


The bill had been watered down in response to massive public backlash against it. But now, Senate Bill 373 has all the anti-consumer language all over again. The provisions were inserted by the original Senate author Travis Holdman(R).

Phone Number for SENATOR JIM BANKS is 1-800-382-9467 and for KATHY HEUER 1-800-382-9841 and for DAN LEONARD 1-800-362-9841 or 260-356-8204

Consumers do care…please urge the vote against Senate Bill 373!


Terrific response I stumbled upon a moment ago regarding S.B. 373 from Glen Flaningham:

Before I became enlightened, I naively never thought of animal rights/welfare being a political issue. It truly amazes me that more often than not, one side of the aisle seems to always side against what’s best for sentient creatures. I always made the assumption that both sides would care fairly equally or not but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m not bashing you if you’re a Republican because there are some that care but it does seem to be fewer and fewer at least the ones that serve in our governments. I’m saying this as someone who is on the left on some issues, on the right with some, and in the middle at times too!


elected officials always ought to respond to the common lowly people’s interests if only to be considered credible!

And another great comment from Sue Charles:

This is ridiculous!! Night after night we post, and share, and beg for help so these innocent ones won’t be killed!! With prayers and tears we work, hour after heartbreaking hour trying to save them!! The killing of the innocent HAS to STOP!! It can NOT go on!! Where’s the compassion? Where’s the courage to say they won’t kill any more? Where’s the integrity and moral standards which say the innocent and defenseless shall NOT be killed??

Oh, how I do agree with Sue Charles! ♥!!!! i love what she wrote…as i notice a startling amount of shallow narcissism whenever i wander about reading posts, it is refreshing to know some percentage of the facebook population comes up for air once in awhile to see the big picture


This truly matters to so very many of us…this legislation is so important. Kindness and acceptance and fairness to absolutely all living beings is essential.

Reply received via email from Jim Banks…

Dear Susie & Don,

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office about SB 373. I appreciate hearing from my constituents about any and all issues.

In regards to SB 373, which makes it unlawful to record agricultural or industrial operations, for a person, with intent to defame or to directly or indirectly harm the business relationship between an agricultural or industrial operation and its customers, this bill is still a work in progress but originally passed out of the Senate by a vote of 30-20. The intent of this bill is to prevent vigilantism and disparagement of certain industries and would require a person to report any information about bad practices or animal abuse to the proper authorities within 48 hours. It would also protect farmers’ private property from being trespassed on and support the authority of agencies charged with insuring that proper rules and regulations are followed.

Again, thank you for contacting my office I do appreciate you sharing with me your concerns. Please feel free to contact me anytime.


Jim Banks


timely editorial

Hoosier Opinions — Chronicle-Tribune of Marion, Indiana April 26, 2013…”There is a long history of (conflicts of interest) in our community… It is as if the central purpose of government is not to do the public good but to do personal good for those in power. Otherwise, in this culture, why would anyone perform the thankless task of making and executing our laws and public policy? Certainly not, apparently, just for the good living government officials are paid above the table…”


Cindy Ducey: “I pray to God that this bill does not pass. I heard Carrie Underwood is very opposed to this law and is trying her best to prevent its passing. She grew up on a farm and is vegetarian.”

Thanks, Cindy! “grass-fed BEEF”… no such entity … maybe a grass-fed steer or cow … BTW, where do cows and steers get their protein then? (a riddle…a humane riddle) …and try eating just a salad this evening…your heart will thank you! our teeth were not designed to tear flesh apart …

Rebecca Winder: “We took a road trip out west three years ago, and passed a long stretch of highway in Colorado, bordered on either side by massive feedlots. It was disgusting, and reeked for miles. I took a bunch of pictures as we passed. It wasn’t until later that I learned what I’d done was illegal. Good thing I found out before posting them on facebook!”

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