still waiting though.

our hearts break every day…so we continue to share away!

all lives matter so we pray…how? by posting faces like TODAY!

please consider clicking SHARE…because you understand and care!

thanks for helping each hopeful stare…find a home. Answer a prayer! ♥!!!



WOW! From Helen Melaine Hockemeyer: “Whenever my life is getting low, Susie Sexton meets us randomly and I think about it and laugh for days upon weeks. Thanks, Susie.”

omigosh…you just this second thrilled my soul, angel girl! i feel exactly the same about you. and i also feel like we have known each other all of our lives, helen! you are one special girl! THANKS SO MUCH! i keep reading this, helen…your timing is heaven-sent and i kid you not. i am going to adopt you…SERIOUSLY! meet your new sister, roy!



“proud history of hunting” “rite of passage in rural areas” “guns designed for children” “designed in pink for girls and blue for boys”….has this nation lost its mind?

…sometimes i truly believe this nonsense is all just a bad dream…and we’ll wake up and people will have gotten smart and kind and sensible. still waiting though.

Shelly PoochparkWear commented on facebook: “Susie Sexton, I lived in Israel most of my life; every house has a gun and boys and girls go into the army at the age of 18, and then carry on doing training till the age of 45 … but you do not see what happens there like in this country. It’s insane, and not only that people cannot get it into their heads that teaching kids to shoot is not ok as it’s teaching them that harming is all right. I am at a loss here over what is happening. They preach no bullying but teach them to shoot; why are they not practicing what they preach, it is just so, so, so sad. Did you see the news the other day that they have come out with a bullet proof backpack now for kids … what next? I am totally dumbfounded on a daily basis as to what is happening in this world. I am a teacher, and I will not let my kids bully or disrespect or act in any way that I do not think appropriate; actually I made one of my nine year olds the other day write a five line essay about respect and made him put his name on it, so if he plays up with me he has to read it … best way to teach I decided.”


oh, shelly…thanks for this post. and for sharing your experience in Israel with me. IF i had little kids, they would be home-schooled for sure in this current environment. i began teaching in 1968 and wondered where all of this was headed way back then. the decline is no surprise to me, but still it is horrifying. i continue to contend that the apathetic disregard for any and all sentient beings is the core of the problem. parents should start with pets in the home so that children can learn empathy and how much kindness means. geesh. not to be believed what is going on and on and on day after day. speechless and dumbfounded. we are living in a nightmarish world.


you give me hope, shelly…i am THRILLED that you are a teacher! those lucky kids!!!!!



From Mark D. Pruitt: “I walk my dogs everyday. I am constantly amazed at the number of people that are terrified by these animals. Where does empathy begin when so many are afraid of a harmless dog. These are sweet, medium size dogs that are not lunging at anyone (well at least not when they have their gentle leaders on). I cannot remember people being so terrified of animals when I was a child.”

Gillian Prince: “I remember there were always dogs about when I was much younger, don’t remember being scared of them… hardly ever see dogs roaming free here now which is good…”

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