can you believe that this is america in the 21st century? (2013)

Sarah Palin is not the answer to a woman’s prayer for equality in real time while we live. The “conservatives” have offered up what they believe to be the voice of a female, in several instances…bachmann, coulter, etc. I never did take to cheerleaders who are allowed to jiggle their wares on the sidelines of games boys play. Still don’t! Girls should know better! i had sorority sisters just like her…no, a bit brighter…but all sex!


where are they coming from…is it all for show? or do they actually believe in “forgiveness”? boogie and get forgiven and then boogie some more…boogie…get forgiven…boogie, good LORD! really target or j.c.penny oughta start selling glittering handbags or shoulder-bags shaped like bibles for carrying pearl-handled revolvers to protect “their families”! awesome! 😉

palin is a tick…i removed one from my dog’s ear this week-end…and it just dug in its heels and sucked and sucked…but i persisted and flipped the little blood-filled booger awaaaaaaaay…but ticks probably never are ever gone, right? stay home, sarah…suck the blood from someone else.


can you believe that this is america in the 21st century? the conservatives are anything but…wrong term for them…in more ways than one. so weary from their hatefulness while brandishing the cross…and for writing speeches for those well-paid go go dancers whom i consider to be pretty fast-living dames. “carry a gun and love the lord” = oxyMORON!

the world is quite alarming way too often lately. i am an animal advocate as well as a feminist at this point in my life…somehow, tenderness and acceptance and appreciation for diversity all come together…all beings matter…life matters. kindness matters. coarseness and vulgarity and apathy are damaging. empathy is key. stereotyping of any sort has no place in the evolution of the heart and heightened sensitivity.


cannot abide snobbery…yet i am a snob myself about one facet of LIFE…all sentient beings matter…and IF we do not stop to help them, to save their lives AND in so doing teach children to revere all innocent beings, then we have failed and have made no difference whatsoever during our lifetimes. a-men. (period)

funny how i can take a pass on landscaping clubs or supporting just certain amendments or those “right” to hunt groups, and zero in on vegan lifestyles, protection of sea lions and encouragement of gun CONTROL instead. you know, those thingies that float over to the right on webpages? and, on facebook, when i see that certain truly lovely humans have LIKED responsible and loving groups, i gravitate even more to sites that promote the health and well-being of our planet rather than puffing up human egos and promoting the “emotions” of fear and jealousy and prejudice. one can tell a lot about a person by what is LIKED! just sayin’!


if i sense a fight from those with no sense, i breeze on and let them languish there waving their little tiny facebook arms and chewing nails and showing what they are made of…proves the point the little fun harmless “posters” are making. every time! 😉 lots of times, the bible even gets quoted by the same types for an extra bonus!


From Carol Baker: “Roy, my friend, your dear mother is too much of a lady to ‘deal’ with those people. That’s why we need people in the world like me. I have no such patience or manners. We need people like Susie and we need people like me.”

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