karma. i feel naughty…

wondering if god approves of throwing his name around rather loosely to advance in society and to please the right crowd and to become really popular and achieve monetary gain? i am betting not? good for God then!

i wonder if anybody else notices the same ploy on facebook and in social-climbing life in general? and it seems to be working…but i wonder if in the long-run the hollowness will be detected by both God and His son?

from Wikipedia: “Spiritual opportunism refers to the exploitation of spiritual ideas (or of the spirituality of others, or of spiritual authority): for personal gain, partisan interests or selfish motives. Usually the implication is that doing so is unprincipled in some way, although it may cause no harm and involve no abuse. In other words, religion becomes a means to achieve something that is alien to it, or things are projected into religion that do not belong there.”


have you seen the newest gatsby movie…this latest treatment really reveals the core of why this story has enjoyed such success. the book left me cold until now. daisy speaks about her child, “she can function in this world as a fool and i hope she does so that success is hers…” or words to that effect. and the actress with her performance at that moment gives that film its heart…dark heart to be sure…but one knows what the conclusion will be…a great deal of human damage to those who do not play the game just as those who do play the game go merrily on their self-seeking way. life is anything but fair!

i loved the newest cinematic adaptation…i loved leo…his uncertainty moved me immensely…and daisy was exquisite! the tv drama of about a dozen years ago was also superior. the redford/farrow movie left much to be desired. never have seen the alan ladd version or the 1929 film. and i am not always that fond of leo!

i am actually allergic to fitzgerald and the classic story we have all been forced to read…and this treatment by luhrmann appealed to me to the max…also not a fan of moulin rouge to be perfectly frank! so go figure! i adored the movie…an improvement on an over-rated classic in my mind! truly adored the film…every aspect!


aside: adelaide clemens played the sis of isla fisher who played myrtle in THE GREAT GATSBY and what is so very interesting is that she resembles ms. carey mulligan who played daisy…and this adelaide girl also starred in RECTIFY…which i only saw the first episode of…darn!

it’s all about karma. i feel naughty…but i am “praying” occasionally for just that very thing! tired of the pretension…speaking of which, mel brooks on PBS tonight…speaking of unpretentious…american masters thingie. the golden calf did not make god happy if i remember! either in the bible or in a mel brooks skit or a chuck heston bible movie.

mel brooks provoked laughter for some 90 minutes….BTW, one film clip featured moses receiving the 15 commandments until he dropped a tablet…which reduced the final tally to just the ten we all know so well to this day!

i think that was an out-take from History of the World, Part I… i always forget the title of that nutsoid movie but i loved it…the Last Supper may have also been documented in that film.


aside: i swear that anne bancroft is even funnier than mel. several moments featuring her in the PBS presentation we just watched.

“They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made….”(F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Penguin Modern Classics edition, p. 170)

…i do think outside the box…can get lonely out there…but i always stay the course since before birth! i view this world through huge round spectacles like the billboard in the gatsby story… fun, isn’t it?

(BUT SHOULD I AIM MORE OFTEN FOR THAT LITTER BOX? =^..^= just to make life easier for myself once in awhile?)


neat feedback! Kelly Huddleston: “I really liked this one, especially Susie’s thoughts about people trying to profit from their spirituality. And I agree with her about THE GREAT GATSBY — a classic that I’m happy I read once, but probably only once!”

Shannon Allen: “Loved it Thanks for sharing, Roy! xoxo”

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