Wow! “Where Writers Write”…

What an honor! I am the latest author featured on Where Writers Write


Here’s a quote: “I still live in the tiny, cute house in the tiny, occasionally cute town where I grew up. I upgraded to a computer from a Royal Typewriter a few years ago, and that computer sits in our back room that once doubled as an office/rec room for my father. It is a happily haunted house full of memories and love and I try to channel those sprightly specters through my writing.”

Read the rest and view photos by clicking here



Neat comments!

Barb Nicholson: “The cat is definitely protecting your mom’s writing space, secrets, & Pepsi One cans! Just daring someone to walk in and try to disturb anything!”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “I’d love to come visit and say hi and sit on the porch in a small town and enjoy the life. Best of all the people….”

David Rat: “WOOOO HOOO…give her a big ole hug from me! ♥”

Don Sexton: “Thanks for sharing – I love it! And like a good writer – Susie isn’t divulging her secrets in the magic creative room.”

Eric Walkuski: “That’s really cool! I enjoy reading these!”

Cherie Boeneman: “Wow. That cat look exactly like my cat Dinky. How strange but cool.”

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