work like hell to stop the madness with no apologies

i am bleeding inside from the horror inflicted on all sentient beings, the casual slaughter…when we stop that then we stop murdering each other. thanks to those of you with generous and gracious hearts!


…animals face terror and uncertainty and human beings with no brains (but streaks of mean-ness) every nano-second of every day. HOW can most human mammals NOT ever relate to this kind of all-encompassing fear that we foist either through apathy or vicious cruelty on sentient, innocent beings minding their own business.

i cry alllll the time…absolutely alllll the time. but i post to save lives … just possibly to save lives and to heighten awareness. i used to look away…now i see the slight hope in these eyes and i hope to give them ALL (oh, how i wish) another final chance when they cooperate in posing for a photograph for their last moment of help and acceptance and acknowledgement extended by a thinking and caring human.

i am totally horrifed daily, nightly and in betweenly…arghhhhh.


i am stunned at the ability folks have to just totally ignore suffering.

adopting just one animal? oh, what that could mean… we are vegans now. how can anybody remain clueless in this unleashed universe of information and communication we are evolving into? how can any human being be content NOW contemplating one’s own precious navel and rewarding “self” at every turn and totally block out the good that can be done for disenfranchised mammals be they human or animal?

ACTIVELY help…just reach out…just relate to the tragedy…just speak up…and make a move NOW! not difficult…not at all. all sentient, feeling beings deserve respect.


what a sad world…what a needlessly sad world. if a person claims to care about humanity, the assignment i would suggest (and the test i would administer) is DO YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS; for if you truly do THE WORLD WILL BE naturally and effortlessly PEACEFUL.

one cannot understand people without first observing and appreciating animals…that’s a given. there is no difference between the human animal and all other sentient beings…all matter.

some people will do anything for money … blood money and blithely go on their merry sanctimonious way. people know what fear for their own safety is…but seem to not empathize with the very fear they themselves cause and too often profit from. i am beyond frustrated with the human RACE!


killing fields running the gamut occurring in our nation are sad indeed. we are awash in violence one way or another. true compassion must right our country. what we do to animals without blinking an eye has come home to roost…sensitization seems a lost cause. horrors abound.

WE can stop the murderous mentality…we are fools not to stop cold. no rationalizations accepted. killing is killing…it is all around us. this nation should be shamed by now into reason. how many more daily statistics are we going to accrue? we should all be depressed and that should spur action. nothing wrong with depression…it is an honest response.

i cannot imagine how any thinking person cannot see this and work like hell to stop the madness with no apologies


we can turn this around with determination in speaking up and bold action. time for everybody on earth to face the tragic facts and to realize that love is easy…reverence for life is easy. empathy is natural…apathy is criminal.

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