time to reinvent farm LIFE! oppose SB 373 (2013)

very important story on yahoo! about your rights to know how animals are treated in the farming/food “industry”…click here to read…


Animal welfare advocates say all of the focus on secrecy is energy misspent.

“I wish the cattlemen actually wanted to stop cruelty, not the documenting of cruelty,” said HSUS California director Jennifer Fearing. “One could think of a thousand ways for them to actually stop cruelty rather than waiting for people to make videos and turn them over.”

need to stop the bullying and torture extended to all animals…privacy issues are vital, but gentleness is even more crucial in this world! please do not extend an open invitation to heap more misery on farm animals that are purposely bred for slaughter.


consumption of their cadavers leads to heart attacks, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes 1 & 2, parkinson’s disease and most tragic of all, hardened hearts no longer capable of compassion.

we must no longer assure a continuation of artificial insemination and butchering and perpetuation of human illness due to cannibalism.


please watch those videos now available on facebook…and the films and documentaries BOLD NATIVE, FOOD INC., and EARTHLINGS. let us stop the intentional over-reproduction of sentient beings to be enslaved and treated in a holocaust fashion. time to evolve and not to politicize death over life!

hoosier bill to go before house…please care…please share…please contact your indiana representatives and thanks!


click here to let your voice be heard…

urge your representatives to vote against S.B. 373 because it 1) takes away basic American freedoms of speech and expression 2) whistle blower protection is already part of federal law and finally 3) what is the farm/food industry afraid of? if their operations are inhumane and/or criminal how else will the consumer be informed?


“Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group funded by Charles and David Koch, billionaire brothers and influential conservative leaders…donated more than $200,000 to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s campaign.” – Maureen Hayden, Statehouse Bureau Chief for CNHI


please, do not care about red carpets, photo ops, tiger woods’ new love affair, the pregnant princess…very much more to care about. do not be distracted or diverted from issues that truly matter…life or death, love or hate, action or inaction.

“Sweet truth for the animals! Except for species, I become increasingly aware of the parallel to slavery, the way we treat the animals. About racism in America, John Howard Griffin (BLACK LIKE ME) writes: ‘It was too much. Though I was experiencing it, I could not believe it. Surely in America a whole segment of decent souls could not stand by and allow such massive crimes to be committed.’ That’s how I feel about factory farming.” – Marian Patience Harvey, a noteworthy Hoosier!

stand up and speak out to make a difference…we pay taxes, and we vote. those opportunists we allow into office need to care as much as we do about what truly matters and stop answering to big money for future campaigns. all who live matter, all sentient beings…not just a few…not just a chosen few!

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

a smart lawyer and also don have often spoken of career politicians…a really bad concept…these youngsters have studied the process at college and get bought and stay bought and never intend to go away…what was the supreme court thinking? lord!

omigosh…when it appears some of our state legislators are authoring a jillion bills per week…they ain’t! those are decrees from some high muckety mucks on some shining national hill. don opined that as we returned from indy…damn, he was correct!


and through gerrymandering and caucusing these careerists ease into their desk sets and thereby hangs the tale! and some national interests use them like puppets! and the states are getting sucked into hell. it’s like they are working at a fast food joint flipping burgers.


i am so sick and tired of people politicizing animal slaughter…and those who could do something want to be thought “well” of???? those who sanction killing should never ever be thought well of, no matter what “party” they are beholden to…our voices for what is correct are growing stronger, and it is way past time for those who wish to hold office to listen and to give a damn about murder and mass slaughter. our nation should be better than this.


great feedback!

Larry Jaffe: “Amen.”

Mina Linda: “I agree with Susie!”

Tyler A. Chase: “This is not about privacy. It’s about criminals and sadists who can’t seem to help themselves from torturing animals. This ban of cameras and video evidence is un American and against our basic Constitutional Rights to know what we are eating and how the animals are being treated is important. Enough of this nonsense of favoring the industries who are killing us with bad food.”

Jean Armstrong, “Good Luck to you and Susie on this important issue!!!”

Kelly Huddleston: “Great post, Susie!”

Roland Vincent: “It is so satisfying to connect with someone who shares one’s values and has the battle scars to prove it! No offense about the battle scar comment – lol, just figured you’ve got your share!”

“allllll over my little body” as jonathan winters used to say! i have been wounded so f-ing many times, i cannot believe i did not return to my original planet by now.


Dee Turner: “You really have to ask yourself: What are the people in the meat industry trying to HIDE!! Apart from animal protection rights, our human right to know what goes on ‘inside’ is embedded in the constitution and oversight is critical. We already know about countless abuses: inferior feed, growth hormones, antibiotics in the feed to keep animals well enough through their shortened lives. The overcrowding is unacceptable, lack of sanitary conditions, the birthing stalls for sows are cruel & prevent ANY movement by pigs. Animal cruelty is rampant which undercover videos have clearly exposed in all areas of factory farming: chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cows, goats, and horses! Beyond all of this, the slaughter has been proven to be INhumane, cruelty violations that go unpunished or corrected, abuses in shipping to slaughter, and even afterwards, the trucking industry FAILS to keep the raw meat properly refrigerated, and processing machines disinfected allowing listeria, ecoli, salmonella & other bacterial infected meat to be sold, sickening, even killing consumers. Perhaps this is why we need a complete overhaul of the entire farm/food industry & those who have violated the law must be prosecuted or nothing will ever change.”

Paro Babu: “true lines : ‘Sweet truth for the animals! Except for species, I become increasingly aware of the parallel to slavery, the way we treat the animals. stand up and speak out to make a difference…we pay taxes, and we vote. those opportunists we allow into office need to care as much as we do about what truly matters and stop answering to big money for future campaigns. all who live matter, all sentient beings…not just a few…not just a chosen few!’ love you, Susie ♥ and Roy for sharing this with us.”


postscript from dee…

Dee Turner: “If you put this plea in Susie’s blog it will reach more people who care about innocent pets. Brindi has been caged up for over 4 YEARS without having committed any crime … simply because she is an animal! Halifax ‘authorities’ have abused their own by laws & covered it up repeatedly, lying in court. Fighting to save her beloved dog’s life has almost completely bankrupted Francesca & the endless corruption by HRM is appalling. Apr 2nd she has to be prepared for the FINAL APPEAL TO SAVE BRINDI & every single dollar will go towards the spiralling legal costs. If many give just whatever amount they can afford, it will reduce the financial woes caused by this injustice & together we could set an important precedent to stop others from this needless suffering! It has been a nightmare for Brindi & Francesca and time is running out now… THANK YOU for whatever you can do to get some support on their behalf. Godspeed!”

click here to help!

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