we are angels with stomach aches who cry a lot

I am upset allllll of the time…but it is the right kind of turmoil we feel. we are angels with stomach aches who cry a lot, but we are doing what needs to be done.


I could just put a hex on all of the bad people if I was so equipped. too many monsters in this world. I detest monsters…human beings suck way too often! and if they are not mean sons of bitches, they are apathetic which is just as evil in my book!


we understand nightmarish times…can completely identify…I die inside when sadness happens to those about whom I care…I do not pray…I think really hard about stuff and try to figure out solutions…I surmise if there are gods, they appreciate us trying to figure out how to get through life on our own.


what would have really helped me during dark times would have been for other human beings to have given a damn…which has never happened for us…that is why I love animals…they DO give a damn because they are constantly fearful in this crazy life with humans calling the “shots.” animals empathize unlike any person I ever met except for friends like edward levine and roy and don and a handful of others … usually never relatives … not usually, actually, not ever.


as an aside, I believe some journalists cater to the conservative element in our country and they seldom support efforts for animals…believe me, I know. for eight plus years, I have had a devil of a time when I have had my animal philosophy published, someone republican or red-necky marches forth to retort…even getting awards from these rags… I feel like said opposition is contrived by some anti-animal groups out there in space.


so stand up for yourself and what you have to say…and exclaim that you are willing to take the heat IF someone responds negatively to your advocacy.


when we speak up, we win over more hearts than you might ever guess…people are just shy about these issues … that reticence is tragic! …human beings who stand in the way of animal welfare or social progress are lame and naughty and self-involved and trying to impress the wrong crowd.

I have nearly gotten sick over animal advocacy and human rights, but what a way to go. persist…hold your ground.


I hope my candidness helps some way…I am not a Mel Gibson fan (at all!!!) but that film title “braveheart” sums it up…true and rugged love works…one for another…and it is circular…and it works! I know this…and I have died in my heart many many times…but that means I have a heart so I try not to worry that way too often I feel like I am being eaten up alive.


wonderful feedback! thank you!

from Mary Shaull: “Oh Susie, You are so beautiful! You tug at my heartstrings in an overwhelming way. God bless you and your advocacies. You DO make a huge difference….You are beautiful people.”

from Drex Morton: “Maybe your analysis explains why many of us have guts that ache…”

from Sandy Laycock: “Thank you for sharing this. I felt her love and passion. It is so true that we need to speak and stand up for what we know is true. I have started speaking more and have been surprised at the number of people that thank me for my posts. I know I am not pleasing everyone but I do not care. I love my vegan life and I want more people to know the joy of loving all life.”

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