Word of warning to pet owners: Trifexis (2013)

i offer this info just as a service to my fellow animal lovers. came across this page in my exploring on facebook last night about the medication trifexis – again, not making any claims necessarily but reporting this news. Please click here to check out the group “Trifexis Kills Dogs.”


Here is a description from the group:

We had a sweet little 6 year old mixed breed dog named Peaches. Peaches was very healthy until she took the heartworm drug Trifexis. Suddenly she became very anemic, her blood was only at 10 percent. Over the next month, all her organs started failing and she had internal bleeding. Peaches died on Monday, July 30, 2012. Let’s get together and stop the makers of this nightmare from hurting everyone’s pets! This drug is known as Panoramis outside the US.

i will say this…just called the vet’s office, recommending they look into trifexis and notify the FDA…read that message on facebook a zillion times…to get vets to report this development to the FDA. this is a very big deal…like when the pet food was recalled several times in the past. wondering why SENTINEL was out of production…used that for years with no problem…next time I see that splashy ad for trifexis to be given to the little beagle in the transparent tube…(seen it?), I am going to throw my shoe through the television set…I have wondered WHY an ad for heartworm is on tv…very odd. VERY odd.

started the pills in april of 2012…Zelda suddenly could barely walk on a july day…and the next day was euthanized…heartbeat fine, color fine…but barely able to stand…old age? so the recommendation was PTS…then buckeye in February did the same thing…the only indication of anything prior to that was in their case weight LOSS…and loss of appetite with bucky…then diarrhea…she was 10…Zelda was 13 plus…then in april, billy bob, who had survived heartworm and had been a shelter dog…we loved him for 8 years. he did the same exact thing as the girls…we brought him home to see if he rebounded after visiting the vet…he died within two days at home…I feel so stupid. as much as I am on the computer, why didn’t I google this stuff a year ago?

our animal friends are the greatest teachers in the world…in 1976, my first shelter pet died of heartworm right on the cusp of the discovery of that disease…and now this after all of these years from a heartworm preventative? not too certain about science on this day…and all of the experimental animals that die so that we are sold pricey drugs that often seem far worse than what nature has in mind for all of us! there better had better be a heaven!

we are just devastated…

Here are some additional resources:

YouTube here

Video here

Q&A here

Max video here


Phoenix Foxx: “Thanks, Roy – every time we spread the word, other dogs’ lives will be saved. Bravo!”

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