So honored to be featured in Our USA Magazine!

Check out my essay in Our USA Magazine, summer edition! Page 64! Click here to read!


Here is an excerpt:

Although occasionally a handful of folks insist that I should “keep ’em coming” referring to columns I offer monthly, mostly I try to read “something” positive into blank stares I encounter while out and about mixing it up with the public. One astute reviewer DID compare me to fellow Hoosier Kurt VonneGUT — I DO have guts! Another reader likened my style to that of a science fiction novelist, the late “Ray Brad Berry” (Translation? Ray Bradbury!) who wrote “Fried Green — Dandelions”? (A little confusion between “Tomatoes” and “Wine”!) Amateur critics run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous. I compensate through development of thick skin to coordinate with my thick waist.

(Also, my fellow Post and Mail columnist Amy Abbott has an essay featured on page 57!)

Click here to read!



thanks for this feedback, friends!

David Loehr of the James Dean Gallery: “That’s Great! …Hello from David in Fairmount…!”

Steve Leininger: “Ah, the good ole days, when things worth saying were said, in English, with proper syntax and punctuation (good grammar, as it was known). Well done, Susie….I’m sure the well deserved accolades will be along shortly…..good luck with the zoo.”

Tina Braid: “How wonderful!”

Maureen Weisserman Mansfield: “[Roy], your mom rocks!”

Simone Duffin: “Thank you ♥”

Gregory Heath: “Good stuff!”

Mike Tempel: “That’s cool!”

Lotta Stenfelt: “Congrats, Susie Sexton!”

Barb Nicholson: “Like this column regarding the movies and old television. I like black and white films/TV shows! Watched TCM film yesterday ‘Talk of the Town’ (I hope I have the right title). The leads were Jean Arthur, Ronald Coleman and Cary Grant. Great movie!! [And regarding the Our USA Magazine essay,] Susie has such a great imagination! Makes me want to run out and get the future coloring books (if/yet to be published) for my grandchildren!”

Marla Rondo: “Awesome!!! How cool is that.”

Mike Hillebrand: “Congrats – very nice!”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “No matter what you write and I read, Susie, I learn something. I do appreciate you so much, and I’m so glad to have you as my friend and fellow writer. Thank you so much for you and Roy sharing your lives with the rest of your fans. Of course Don is included because he is part of the whole. I have learned things I have never know about small town living even though I lived in a small town all my life. LOL Thanks again, Susie, for being exactly who you are and that is a friend to all and mentor to others. Love you, my friend.”


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