their hearts are lumps of coal?

on facebook right now, my profile pic is of a 6 month old skinny little pup who was killed today in a shelter that has an 80% slaughter rate…c’mon, world, we have got to stop this sadness and madness NOW…please help in any way you possibly can if only to sensitize others to this second by second tragedy.

timmy too

our nation is better than this…these “sheltered” animals are caught up in the world of politics i fear. epidemic proportions of daily deaths are unacceptable and need to be questioned. SHARE, ADOPT, RESCUE, CARE and thanks…thanks…thanks! let not the profiteers toy with even life itself…

my spirit gets squashed about 6 or 7 times per day? i cannot figure out people hardly at all. seriously. then i remember what i love…reading, writing, cnn, charlie rose, movies, books, don and roy and people like you, and my lovely cats and dogs…and they can’t take that away from me! but sometimes at least i don’t mind the prospect of dying. life should not be this lonely…people should not be this distant…we are all missing out on real time heaven. human behavior is beyond my comprehension.

maybe most people feel the same as we do but don’t (or don’t know how to)express it? and my problem, if it is a problem, is that i have never, nor have i ever wanted to, run with any crowd whatsoever…i am too much of an individual for my own good?

(and i agree there is a mean streak in this world…i have never known how to deal with that…except to try to avoid it if at all possible…but not when it comes to the crass and hateful attitude that too many people harbor about animals…lots of humans just talk a big game and pose…and some are just absolute swaggering creeps…i honestly do not consider those types of this earth…they are horrid…and whatever i can do to protect animals from those dicks i shall pursue to the best of my ability. i truly believe this psychotic political atmosphere is being taken out on animals…no doubt about it!)

murphy too

…for these animals…for these sentient beings…for me, the ultimate test is does a person believe that killing is wrong? killing? no killing? nothing in between…not a little killing now and then. cannot fathom how folks do not realize this. i even wince when human beings complain about ingrown toenails or headaches or this and that and have seemingly no concept of the suffering of domesticated animals, farm animals, wild animals…and what we humans put them through without a second thought. cannot comprehend the disconnect, and the suffering of these beings is at our hands.

timmy three

oh, this repetitious, constant, insane slaughter is not to be tolerated anywhere…but somebody somewhere is starting this week off jumping through a hoop for a pay-check…how about no more pay-checks for murder and sweeping away the cadavers? how about it? how about somebody asked to do this for a “living” saying NO!

all of this crap is for profit to the humans who have sold their souls to the devil..absolutely all killing is for profit one way or another…every time…EVERY ONE OF THESE DEATHS…it is all about money and seeing to it that the money only gets to humans one way or another…not to be tolerated.

sport murphy

i say that allll the time…to deaf, stubborn, red-neck, bible thumping masses of jerk-wads…i used to be polite…but wow, they gang up and pile on, screaming that we are eco-fascists who do not like humans? like those posturing thugs DO like people? they do not like those of us humans who are eco-fascists? ;D (shhh….do not tell anyone i told you that.) i shall share for sure…you bet i shall! <3!!!!!!!

my stack is blown…what has america degenerated to? miserable that’s what? a miserable mess. this is a horror. tired of mincing words one more second…a horror…enough of the massacre mentality calling the “shots”! wrong wrong wrong.

smart murph

have you ever seen farley mowat’s NEVER CRY WOLF based on his novel…why are people playing cowboy via all of their weapons and equipment…as if they have seen too many of the wrong movies. and do not empathize with pain…with suffering…with the fear they are imposing on these wonderful animals? arghhhhhhh. certainly, people like that must be not operating with all their brain cells…either that or their hearts are lumps of coal?


(too bad half of america is copying that cute perky girl who was a vice-presidential candidate 4 years ago…i believe she was just posturing around and now males and females copy HER….yes males copying sarah…. and post every chance they get with their “kill”–i am so fed up with that insanity on the part of grown people who even teach their kids to ‘hunt’ which is actually not a sport…and they like to call it “hunting”? cowardly, mean, bullying, horrid and incredibly stupid…it is murder and for no reason…killing has no reason involved at all…just hateful and … stupid…and hateful, did i say that?)




from Rory Tipping: “I have seen the movie and just finished reading A WHALE FOR THE KILLING by Farley. Both great stories. Wonderful news about Open Books. Shared”

from Kat Kelly Heinzelman: “Hi Susie….How are you doing? I’m not over on Facebook as much so I try to keep up with you here. Give my love to Roy and Mr Sexton….hope all of you are great…Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I’m thankful this year because I have you in my life and your a great role model. Thank you so much. <3<3<3 your girl. Kat…Thank you, Roy, so very much for adding me with all your comments you add for Fans of Susie Duncan Sexton…you a lucky man to have such a great Mom. I hope you know that. You, my friend, I hope you and yours have a great and Happy Thanksgiving…someday I’m going to get to Columbia City just to say hi and paint your Mom’s front porch so she and I can sit on it and drink a cup of coffee or a big glass of iced tea…LOL”

from Bob Wannberg: “ALL Online Sites!!! Outstanding! thank you, Roy & Susie! and Open Books!!”

from Shannon Basner: “Susie always speaks from the heart, that is her core and I adore that.”

from Barbara Jane Sowak: “Thanks, hon, for helping try to save all these precious babies! They are God’s children! They have love to give! Its not easy for us to do this, and I get very stressed out, but I am always happy there is a vast network of us with big hearts and warm sols who try to do what little we can. HUGS XOXOOXOXXOX”

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