all living beings matter…even those who are blocking progress…

in this 21st century, far too many humans are politicizing this issue of understanding our fabulous natural world which we should regard with reverence every second.


stubborn types are ignoring all the warning signs to honor what we are fortunate enough to be experiencing for a nano-second…this is heaven in real time. so tired of the bullying directed toward sentient beings and at those who understand and love them.

we are fighting a noble battle for the benefit of all who live…all creatures great and small. humans are just part of the mix…we must specialize in humility…we truly must.

all living beings matter…even those who are blocking progress toward animal rights…we must never give up on the obstructionists although many times per day i certainly grow frustrated with their cluelessness.



From wonderful Tressa Marie: “Love this quote Susie wrote ‘we are fighting a noble battle for the benefit of all who live…all creatures great and small. humans are just part of the mix…we must specialize in humility…we truly must.’ AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!” Thank YOU, Tressa, for all your good work and for your caring heart!

Tressa added, “Thank you so much for this! Honored to know such a caring, wonderful, compassionate, loving, giving person like your Mom, Roy! She is amazing and I always have much respect and appreciation towards her! Love what she fights for, believes in, and that she spreads the ‘word’ to help our animal friends. Thank YOU and HER so much for all you do!…I adore you and your Mom, Roy! Thank you so very much!!”

And darling Bob Wannberg: “Many or most Serial Killers begin as young children abusing animals; they get older and then abuse people; they may be; but for sure, they are sociopaths that have no feelings or regards for animals. I can’t understand it. I couldn’t do it. Reverse the roles and see how they feel and run and hide. Cowards. Preying on the innocent.” You are an angel, Bob!

i’ve been defending beautiful deer for over a year (actually my entire life) to the best of my ability…the other “side” and their 7 strange debate points that get reworked from season to season speak for themselves and illustrate the point we make. wishing we could intervene and stop the weeding out of the herd in our state parks starting tuesday.

…just startling. learning to kill? teaching to kill? not to be believed. grateful that so many are speaking up. hoping that more and more object every second. we cannot look the other way. these days, it is a brave person who says NO to this tragic, brutal yet cowardly practice.

unbelievable…some but not enough of us are stunned. but then mr. mourdock is from indiana…remember him? ;D republicans and evangelicals seem to be working at hating animals. i do hope there might be a heaven and hell after all. certainly heaven on earth is out of the question. why?

please, whatever god there is, help human beings to stop treating animals like dixie cups…my friend kat gave me that idea of “dixie cups”…i can no longer argue about this issue…or try to persuade…i hope there is a heaven for all of the mutilated, murdered deer from our hoosier state parks’ system CULL tuesday and wednesday…though i believe that dead is dead and murdered is murdered. and that murderers are murderers. how frightened those deer will be…how unbearable this fact is. i can barely breathe.

Christopher Jordan: “You’re always there for me when I need a smile, & I’m glad and happy that I can provide one for you. We share a love of the theater & you’ve touched my heart with your stories. Thanks for being a friend.”


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