my photograph is NOT something i like seeing everyday…

i used to feature homeless dogs and cats and all animals all the time via my profile pics on facebook…gotta get back to that…my photograph is NOT something i like seeing everyday…and besides i am not a jailed orphan, yet. i do have a home and warmth and food and security sorta? i want all the cages empty and a pet in every home. not too much to ask? ;D

roger mudd

my book is full of animal stuff…my primary reason for marketing the thing! but i would rather work for animals than for self-glorification…they matter more than i do. the only way to live life i believe. something mattering more than ourselves. you are one of those types of humans…i can tell…i can always tell!

ah, roger mudd was this guy’s name…and we copied a thurber dog motif on his little baby gate there…we have never been without either a stray dog or a shelter dog…ever. cannot imagine LIFE without caring for and about all sentient beings and their well-being and their LIVES as well as our own.


…either a human supports murder and killing or a human does not. we must ask ourselves which camp we are in and why? the arguments FOR slaughter are inane and sputtering and ugly and mean and often just false posturing. THOU SHALT NOT KILL.”

[deer culling letter now in Southeast Michigan’s Heritage Newspapers as well as the Pharos-Tribune]

the murders start this tuesday…to keep indiana “beautiful” (direct quote from a Hoosier DNR offical) and to humanely deal with manufactured deer populations by randomly murdering them so they do not starve???????? 4 days of canned killings in our state’s parks…they plan to continue with this murderous plan i was informed.

susie with friend

the nutsoid “canned” letters i have received from the DNR and other bureaucratic entities about my criticism of hunting in Indiana’s state parks all try to disguise bloodlust and cash addiction – they have just boggled my mind. and I am paying these dudes to hold these fluff-ass jobs down in indy. taxes – and the license fees from the sick dudes trying to prove manhood? – and the dead deer are their pay-checks. end of statement. and the wal-mart dynasty (DIE NASTY) has more money than the kingdom of god from selling hunting costumes and weapons alllllll day long every day.

a DNR “deer biologist” this week sounded about 12 and gave me umpteen manufactured/committee reasons for mass murder being so fine for humans and the deer with the holes in their heads as well? only in america! corporate america…

from the official responses i received i am so sad that gunfire and bows and arrows flipping about our state parks starting tuesday will keep “our parks beautiful” (a direct quote) with floral landscaping even though blood and guts will be spewing everywhere…and this action is much more “humane” for deer who might starve to death (though purposely over-reproduced for the autumnal slayings)…hey, it’s a tradition in some under-developed states with primitive mind-sets. so watch out for deer flushed onto highways…unless they are fenced in for the canned kill.

write to mitch [click here] and protest the deer culling in 12 indiana state parks…the killings begin on tuesday, november 13…more murder on nov. 14….and then more on nov. 26…and even more on nov. 27… any replies received, feel free to post. also the office of environmental affairs, so to speak. the DNR, etc. when you click onto this link, fill in the blanks and go to it. we have had letters published throughout indiana…and made phone calls. be polite…but be ready for “canned reasons” for the “canned” massacre of sweet animals who have become accustomed to humans. please do this today and thanks!

so, thanks to DNR officials paid with tax dollars and gun licensing and bow and arrow fees and who highly populate desk chairs, we learned that the KILL, the “canned” kill, is still ON because we must maintain the “beauty of our parks” and that deer enjoy being murdered instead of starving to death (“pease, please, don’t eat the daisies!”) and that thanks to human intervention, deer mamas now deliver twin fawns (to prevent their own species’ extinction, and that one deer fawn can be sold alive for 4-6 thousand “bucks” to keep the population artificially high — for breeding purposes) so that these murderous “games” can continue for our own good? seriously. we pay people for this lack of thought/twisted thinking…that is why the slaughters occur annually. pay-checks!

[read my letter in the Munster, Indiana paper by clicking here]

listen for gunfire tuesday..and if your car gets dented it’s because these deer –whom hired biologists inform us wish to be slain — are flushed into the roadways by the “gamesmen, the SPORTSmen, the daddies feeding their families, etc. etc. and so forth.” that is, IF they are not penned/fenced in for the “final solution”. phone calls and letters and caring do no good…their minds are made up. do not confuse officials and politicians with the facts.

it’s all for everybody’s good and to spare the deer…randomly…no interviews of the does or bucks or fawns as to which may be starving or diseased and which would prefer being murdered. arghhhhhhhhhhh. this is a multi-million dollar industry. do some research. and beware of bovine tuberculosis…a deer biologist reports that “experts” are uncertain as to whether eating the mammals called deer is a wise decision … venison anyone?

i think about ignoring it all and being all happy and relaxed…but that only lasts about 10 seconds…all i need is another dose of noses in the air and people getting away with murder, completely in love with themselves, and i get back in the saddle again! and the game of politics is a sad marvel to observe…people have figured out in many many many cases how to walk right into office. ah, well. stepping on people and animals seems to be the american way these days. i love that “who’s your daddy”…and some of them daddies behaved pretty shabbily…and the beat goes on. unreal. sick and tired of it all.



for the first time in MY life I am in the “sports” section? [read letter by clicking here]

just watched a segment on PBS of a lady who has a deer herd on her property and her black lab and a doe are best friends and look for each other…and the frolicking, playful doe just had twin fawns…deer are trying to adjust to their mass slaughter by suddenly giving birth to twins…and I am watching a sanctuary that takes in donkeys people have just dumped right and left. dunno if “sportsmen” will bitch about our letter or how I will know…but glad I did this.

and on another note…guns don’t kill…people WITH guns kill…charlton heston lost my affection by the time he swaggered around believing he WAS god…god with a gun! “mentally ill” about covers it.. watch BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE…cowboy days are gone with the wind…oh, wait, i almost forgot the cowboy channel for revisiting guys in costumes playing with pistols and rifles. uh-oh, i guess i gave away how i feel about gun totin’! ;D shut my mouth!


SKYFALL is one smart film! I sensed classic film twinges in my psyche about 19 times…hearkened back to CHARADE, REAR WINDOW, TO CATCH A THIEF, the first outing of DANIEL CRAIG as Bond, JAMES Bond in the trilogy of the best of the lot of agent 007, List of Adrian Messenger, Witness for the Prosecution, Stuart Smalley, Norman Bates — I kid you not. Bardem fabulous, Craig the most perfect stunt mannish “I can fix your sink, lady” Bond one could imagine…a credible James? YES! Judi D. and Albert F. bumping into one another terrifically grounds the antics. Ralph Fiennes is fine! Loved it…dearly loved it! The surreal special effects-ish moments impressed as ART. Ian Fleming as produced by PBS…A+, baby!

[click here for my son roy’s review…]

that is what i believe also…CASINO ROYALE is my favorite thus far in the Craig as Bond trilogy…and you have to understand that for me, javier can do no wrong, acting-wise!!!!! i adore Craig and Bardem and Fiennes and Finney…so I was in heaven!!!

i loved the atmosphere or some such phenomenon…i have been a film nut for as long as i can remember…and something i cannot quite describe was present in SKYFALL. (i miss the OLD movies!

true test? i am still loving it today…why not? the cast was/were MY PEOPLE all in one place at one time…craig and bardem for starters! i am feeling like both of them today…they got under my skin…great characterizations to say the least.

p.s. javier is darling in that julia roberts film eat, pray, love thingie…the film was insipid but he is precious…like as in i needed to bring him home with me…he wears plaid shirts and bermudas and looks and behaves like a regular person with OODLES OF CHARM AND PERSONALITY…that profile is classic…



thanks, friends, for these comments!

Evelyn Fisher: “there is so much sickness and sadness that the two-legged commit daily on our poor innocent creatures…you are out there doing wonderful things and spreading your kindness so generously it overflows all the way out here to me. and i’ll smile, because when i think about you, i just smile!”

John Staggs: “Thanks so much for the great work you do with animals. You are truly one of a kind!!”

Bob Wannberg: “More great press! thanks Roy and Susie!! This will be wonderful! The contribution gift for each book sold made in memory of my Brother, L.A. poet Scott Wannberg….Scott was an avid animal lover as his thousands of friends knew- never without a biscuit when working at Dutton’s! He would be honored and I wanted his friends to know about this wonderful event! thank you, Roy & Susie!…We are gifted by your love and support of animals and animal rights everywhere; when people recognize that animals have feelings, give unconditional love, that they are not just property; then we will have a society that is much more cognizant that people have feelings and treat them as such; that unconditional love is not a mystery. We can learn much from our animal friends; and be better off because of it!”

David Rat: “Great! Susie is a treasure…”

Elaine Musick: “Susie, I worked in rescue 6 yrs, did transports once a month 8 hrs round trip to northern virginia. They terminated founding member/vol as she did ‘not play well w/ others’, I resigned in disgust.. now the local animal rescue is nothing more than a political action committee, Karl Rove style!!!!. I wrote half page editorial to the local paper to that effect which they printed verbatim. Higher Euth stats will also reflect this end of yr. The local yahoos in county admin do not care as the folks in rescue now have name brand, money, who’s your daddy type of politics… it is truly egregious !! Their braggadocio is nauseating!!!”

Vickie Trancho: “Scott loved animals, Roy. What a beautiful way to remember him!”

Diane Shenkman Baumgarten: “Dear Susie, my Joe is a retired NYC homicide detective, and men especially are fascinated with him. When we go out socially with people we don’t know one out of three will ask do you hunt or what do you hunt or what weapon do you use, etc. He is very tall, and has an expression when angered that can wither a person in one second. He very quietly says ‘real men don’t kill animals’. P.S. he is sitting with our rescue dachshund wrapped in his arms (her favorite place) trying to read while I write this. Keep up your good work; you are truly an angel amongst us. Much love, Diane”

Paul Clifford Schrade: “Salute this lady named Susie. While we are sleeping, she is prowling the earth as our conscience seeking ways to make us better! And she is finding those little keyholes of light!!…oh,how I do love Diane Shenkman’s eloguent message! It warms my heart as I pray it shall for that gallant and besieged Susie Sexton!!! She is our Florence Nightingale…our St. Francis of Assisi..our pied piper of the animal world and her struggles have not been in vain!”

Dee Turner: “Wow… my thoughts exactly!! And Susie’s love & advocacy for animals of every species is yet another reason I love her Goodreads blogs!! I think she is a true hero… speaking up, standing up, shouting out the truth no matter what toes she may have to step on to be a voice for the voiceless & vulnerable!! Everyone with a heartbeat could learn something to elevate their souls through her daily inspiration, and become a a champion too!!”

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