i want this on my tombstone…

about facebook…

i try my best…what is neat about these homeless/shelter animal posts on facebook is most of them contain the “share” word…and we don’t have to stand on our heads and click the photo to get to that “share” word…i love that.

tris iss

and i do know how to spell “join”, too. thanks to my fellow cross-posters for all that you do…what we do makes a difference…i know that it does!

…i figure that the sharing folks like us do gets tabulated via facebook mechanisms now and whoever posted can tell that we shared. i also comment sometimes so that angels know somebody else is contributing and helping so that people who care as much as we do do not get discouraged…apathy is the enemy…and apathy is everywhere these days…totally dismaying.


in the face of apathy, our biggest roadblock, we must never stop doing what we do…because i actually believe the “angels” team might be the popular team one day really soon!!! i seriously believe that is the reason facebook matters…this huge enimal effort! bless all of us who do this!

i want this on my tombstone….that i tried to save as many lives as i possibly could for as long as i could…what other reason are we alive ourselves for but to extend a hand to help those whom far too many ignore and fail to empathize with? people who care and share give me faith in humanity and keep me at this day in and day out!!!!!


NEAT comments!

Mary Beth Purdy-Artz: “Susie, You are beautiful. ♥”

Lee Tobar: “I love my rescue Sophie. She has become my confidant, body pillow, tear-kisser-awayer and life companion.”

Justine Trowbridge: “Yes, yes, yes. We are not here to accumulate wealth and/or power. We are here to love and learn and help each other. And LIVE. We are here to live our lives and enjoy that life with others.”

Shannon Basner: “Or as a friend said, how they rescued us!”

Mary Shaull: “Good epitaph. I wrote a poem for my tombstone: ‘How shall I be remembered?/Perhaps not One who Dared,/But hopefully, remember me/As one who loved and cared.’ i envy Susie, as SHE dared!…Sunday’s Cipherquote puzzle said, ‘Life is not important, except the impact it has on other lives.’ No mention of author. You, Susie, have impacted a LOT of lives. Good Girl.”

Jessica Karla Stovall: “Frustration will be my epitaph!”

Tressa Marie: “Love the pictures in there too!”

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