…still no good deed goes unpunished

hey, it’s indiana! and america? we have become quite fiendish!embarrassing… humiliating! we should be very ashamed! we are the nation where there are more guns than human beings and animals are in deep trouble alllll of the time! [read the article “Indiana Couple Faces Jail Time For Nursing Deer Back To Health” by clicking here.]


i am a dismayed hoosier due to our culling of deer EVERY november in our state parks believe it or not! have tried to reason with the DNR concerning geese and deer…they care not! indiana’s record on caring about wildlife is pretty horrid.

bless these two humane human beings…almost forgot humans could be kind until someone brought my attention to this story. [click here to join their facebook page]


how great that indiana is getting national recognition for being out of step with kindness. about time! time for hoosiers to get on board with evolution. maybe this will help us start to care and to progress into the 21st century! this little deer could lead the way to our state becoming humane and civilized!

shameful and horrid…i am frightened for this entire globe…brutish behavior under the guise of religion way too often as well…not MY religion…My religion involves LIVE AND LET LIVE.


british facebook pal Elizabeth Lean responded, “getting the same here, though, Susie, but not on such a big scale…so scary…we do not permit the ordinary person to have guns though except by license but with gangs now cropping up afraid illegally they are on the increase – never was like this even 20 years ago. So Sad.”

totally agree…piers morgan is impressing us greatly with his tv show bringing this american thuggishness to the forefront. he is absolutely correct…he is from your neck of the woods, elizabeth!


and omigod, this quote is beautiful and absolutely TRUE: Ann Vanderlaan observed,
“As when I unfortunately lived in Indiana, still no good deed goes unpunished.”

about time that love and kindness wins the day…what have deer ever done to deserve their purposeful over-reproduction so that thugs can play cowboy? the other day i COULD have posted 4 swaggering laughing twits standing over 8 beheaded deer at the edge of a forest…sportsmen? conservative conscious hunters culling the herds? F%&$ them all for perpetrating a terroristic hoax and for murdering and for being certifiably MEANtally ill! sick unto death of the attempts to justify evil.


love this feedback!

Carol Baker: “Susie makes some very good points here. We’ve got our values pretty screwed, kids. Thank goodness the Bible thumpers are here to tell the world how dangerous people like ME are. (My solemn apologies to those Christian friends who actually, you know, follow the teachings of Christ – not just the ones that fit in nicely with their political views)….We live in a nation where kindness is weakness and cowardice at the end of a gun is defined as ‘freedom’. I weep for my country. Thanks, as always for your spot on perspective, Susie.”

Shannon Wright: “Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Great comments!!!”

Shannon Basner: “It is our empathy that keeps us driving towards change. These innocents need that from all of us. If we shut down then more injustice will occur. Our hearts are huge and each step we take makes a difference. Keep doing what you do, even though it challenges us daily. ❤”

David Rat: “yeah, I was just beat up for posting for charity in a town 10 miles away from where I grew up…I´m on the same album as the Beatles…if that doesn´t make me legitimate what does? Small towns, small minds? I know it´s not true.(Susie herself is proof positive of that)..but sometimes you people make it hard not to generalize..”

IF THEY ASKED ME…I COULD WRITE A BOOK…on this topic, david…i have lived with this brand of bias since before i was born and until this day! i am an expert in fighting back when i get the nerve to do so!

(and the little boy in that sepia toned photograph had the very same challenge both from his southern family and hoosierville…he prevailed in spite of it all…my role model!)

Julie Dulak: “Susie Duncan Sexton rocks! Wherever we find a need is where we have to address it. NEED knows no borders, no Politics, no Religion. Humans construct obstacles for themselves and people line up in opposition on either side of these and square-off against each other. If WE could just get out of our own way for a minute, imagine what could be accomplished!”

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