History bears repeating…video histories of Susie Duncan Sexton and Roy Sexton

from Columbia City’s Peabody Library website – two video histories, one of me and one of my son Roy…thanks to Deb Lowrance and the library for the opportunity! Descriptions and links below…


Susie Sexton‘s father, Roy Duncan, was in charge of the Columbia City Blue Bell factory for many years. Susie herself grew up in Columbia City and lives today in the same home she was brought to as a baby. In this interview, Susie reminisces about Columbia City, her parents, the Blue Bell factory, the local theater and churches, and life in general. Watch by clicking here.


Roy Sexton tells about growing up in Columbia City, recalling favorite teachers, pastimes, and unique opportunities he was privileged to experience in a small town. Watch by clicking here.


neat feedback!

Kelly Huddleston: “Susie Sexton, I’m watching your interview filmed at Peabody Public Library. You tell your recollections about your hometown with such warmth, candor, humor and wit. What a treasure you are. Love it and love you!”

Barbara Nicholson: “So interesting! Both of you did a great interview and should have a ‘feel good all over’ for the library to preserve valuable background from years past for future generations!”

David Rat: “a video interview with the lovely Susie Sexton…really a thrill for me to see someone you love and respect so dearly speak about her experiences…I feel closer to her now.♥”

Liz Berry Schatzlein: “What a great interview, Roy! Awww, dad would be so touched that you talked about him. Now his place is preserved forever in the oral history of Whitley County!”

David Ross: “These two people [Susie and Roy] know their audience, and they know how to reach them…by inclusion. Superb effort by both! We should each take a page from their book.”

Renee McIntosh Pepple: “so cool!!!! thank you for sharing 🙂 i am watching it now!! we will never be old!!! Roy, i think of them alot!!! i miss you and those days! love you 🙂 omg so awesome!!!! it made me tear up!!!”

Neil J. Simon: “These are sweet and great for historical purposes. I scanned them and you both look and sound great!”

Tressa Marie: “Love the photo of Susie in here!…I haven’t watched all of it yet, but will. Such nice, wonderful, amazing memories you must have. It seems you grew up in such a happy, wonderful home with very loving parents. <3”

Betsy O’Donnell: “Loved it, Roy. Made me miss you. By the way, cool watch!”

Mary Shaull: “Betsy liked your watch, Roy. I loved your left hand. Really talked. Both interviews were amazing! (Have I used that adjective before, when talking of you and Mom?) I, like David Rat, feel that I know you both so well. You are both so relaxed and REAL with the interviews. Writers and actors and wonderful people – the whole shebang. (How do you spell shebang?)”

Jennifer Zartman Romano: “I can’t get it to play on my phone, but I’ll try the desktop. How cool! I was so thrilled to see how many treasures who are no longer with us left their stories there!!”

Jen Kelley Morgan: “I really want to get this to work! I see that my Uncle Max Reed has a video!! … Finally able to watch it!!! Just a few minutes in. Roy you look fab!!! … Oh my gosh how fun to watch!!! I’ve got to figure out how to get these to play on my laptop at home…can’t spend my whole work day watching vids. LOL.”

Chele Surfus Hank: “Oh my! Good times! Miss those days! I’m pretty sure I blew a tire riding down someone’s cement stairs….We OWNED the town on our bikes!…Such sweet memories. I’m so thankful for being raised in Columbia City. I wish my children could have grown up in my day in my town. I hate not allowing them to ride all over the place on their bikes like we did back then. These are different times and Marion is just not the same place as CC always was. Thanks for the memories, Roy Sexton & Susie Sexton!! … I loved how you spoke about your parents. I remember when you first moved to CC & thinking they were like story book characters! I always thought they were two of the most interesting people I had ever met!”

Ann Parkes: “Susie’s interview ended when she was still in full flow!! Enjoyed it. Hope to listen to yours soon, Roy. Thanks for posting….No surprise Susie likes James Dean – rebel WITH a cause. Didn’t realise he died on my birthday – I shall remember that each year from now on!”

Bob Kellogg: “Very good, Roy.”

Gloria Cameron: “OMG, Susie looks beautiful and you are still the HANDSOMEST, Roy!!”

Meg Trafford: “Oh Roy! Your mom is so cool!!!!!! I just love her website … I have only browsed through but love it so far … I look forward to reading some of her work! Thanks again!”

Colin Lively: “i’m looking at Susie Sexton’s video.. she doesn’t like to neck at the movie theater….she wants to watch Lana Turner…me too…i want to watch Lana Turner…they found white slacks under her [Susie’s sister’s] bed…god knows that isn’t today…i am howling at susie’s comment about West Ward.. .i’m thinking of doing the same thing about Rainelle, West Virginia…oh, god, i miss Lana Turner, and most especially, I miss Joan Crawford. the white trash have taken over…slatterns, sluts, and strumpets! Roy, i loved the video of your mother talking about her history growing up in Columbia City.. it was a trip down Memory Lane for me… my life is on a parallel with hers.. I miss Lana Turner too… this is so great.. i think susie should be a PBS documentary..she is adorable.. love her to pieces..”

Julie Jo: “Your mom is interesting, Roy. I could definitely sit and have a conversation with her. She reminds me of my neighbor. Very friendly lady with lots of character.”

Angel Wings: “Very nice!”

Kathy Lahmeyer: “THANK YOU, ROY!!!”

Diane Baxter MacArthur: “Cool, Roy!”

Jonny Rio: “very entertaining, Roy!”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Susie, you have another winner here but then I have no doubt in my mind when I read one of your articles that it will be a winner. Roy, you have your Mom’s blood running through your veins and you have your own talent as well but if you had any doubt, don’t! I’m so proud of you too. Can’t wait to be able to come and watch one of your many plays. Both of you take care of yourselves and thank you both for sharing your lives with all of us. Love you both and feel very blessed to know you.”

BJ Bobbi Jo Rucker: “I am enjoying this video. I am only about half way through and will finish the rest later. I am enjoying the laughter especially. Since I too am from Columbia City, I can picture in my mind the local places Susie mentions. My parents talk about that movie theater that was where the bank is now. They say it was the place to go back in the day. Neat to hear a local person’s stories!”

Paul Clifford Schrade: “highly entertaining to say the least!! Thank God that Susie was never lured away by the glittering lights of other places..that her heart and loyalty remained in the soil of her birth and that she is indigenous to it!..that she proliferated from those green acres..like a pulsing lens that continues to record all that was meaningful and of value. Susan, you are our connection to the wonderful days..so brief!..when we were truly alive and America was a vibrant youngster!..and if you have your way..we’ll never forget it!! You continue to inject the adrenalin into us weary, staggering masses. You enable us to remember all that is important in this land of our birth! The hills are alive not only with the sound of music, but also with the indefatigable voice of SUSIE!!!”

Mary Shaull’s Secretsreview on Amazon: “Susie writes so amazingly that I can’t wait to see what magic her next sentence or thought will be. She rants and raves about her feelings and causes, and then sweetness pours out….all so true and sincere. She has made me rethink so many things about love, family, animals, values and life. How I admire her honesty and her gift of words.”


this is exceptional…almost cried sentimental tears about three times…but i didn’t wanna miss a word! so i remained attentive instead!

i have died and gone to heaven…thanks, folks…this was and is such fun…sharing LIFE’s stories!

Paro Babu: “Truly your mom looks awesome in these pictures, Roy !! Her beauty lies in her words and writings and all the work she has done till now and her numerous works that she is doing….God bless you both ♥ Congratulations, Susie ♥ we all love your work ♥”

Mary Shaull: “I just re-enjoyed both Susie and Roy’s Columbia City video stories. Truly appreciate hearing the details of your lives and what makes you tick. Susie, you’re a riot! Your whole body gestures as you go from topic to topic, without a pause. As you said, you write like you talk – like you ARE. I wish I knew more people like you. Roy, you made me so proud of you, with your telling of your growing up in a small town, and how your achievements as a youngster carried on into your successes as an adult. You credit your parents for much of your happiness and success. How refreshing to hear. Both of you are amazing people. Love you!”

Drex Morton: “Roy, I especially love the photo of you and yours when you were just a wee lad!”

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