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what a thrill! check out this review of Secrets of an Old Typewriter by talented author and musician David Rat…


My fix in all things art is CONTRAST..dark and light, sun and moon, life and death..I search for flowers among the garbage and garbage among the flowers….there is no beauty without ugliness and no joy without suffering.. and somewhere in the middle is the truth..encompassing all of these elements…”Secrets of an old Typewriter” by Susie Duncan Sexton is TRUTH…the essence of High Art….

Raised in a small town, in the Midwest, Ms. Sexton was set up for what one would call..”an unremarkable life”.. But this twisting telling work is the story of one woman who sought and fought to be better than the often stoic and narrow-minded white bread bastion of freedomless thinkers…chock full of romantic reminders of a time I long for…when my parents were young…soda fountains and knee socks…howdy doody, innocence, and truly legendary icons of our former culture. It is vastly entertaining, I savored every word like a delicious meal…entranced…transported…

But nostalgia is only one element, a devout Vegan (believe me it’s not easy to get your heart and stomach in the same place) A christian with a seeking and questioning nature (the only true christians in my mind)…and (closest to my heart)…a tireless freedom fighter for animal rights…Ms. Sexton is a prime example of The most successful type of human being…a teacher, the noblest of all professions, a Mother, (raising a Son who has followed in her footsteps and is leading a higher evolved existence), and now an exemplary and enlightened author..

I’m only a few decades younger…but I am a Rock and Roll musician and it is my job to maintain a youthful perspective…and I do not believe this is a book whose demographic is only grandmas and baby boomers…I would like to see this work of art be embraced by today’s youth…as it is basically a guide to living a good and meaningful life..

Do not expect to be coddled..Susie could give a damn if you agree with her unique and sometimes abstract vision…she writes from the heart…from her gloriously beautiful soul..and that to me…is a rare quality these days…

Reading this book was a life changing experience for me…given the chance…regardless of age, creed or political views…It is my belief you will reap the same reward..

DAVID RAT, author of…


and this feedback on David’s review…mercy!!!

Gregory Heath: “You’re most welcome. I look forward to reading it myself!”

Lotta Stenfelt: “He is right!”

Adam Kobiela: “That’s a hell of a nice review. And you get a name-drop for being ‘higher evolved.’”

Bev Sexton: “You can’t do any better than that!”

Barbara Nicholson: “You have every right to brag! This is a great, honest and true review! Brag away!!!!”

Mary Shaull: “An AMAZING review!!!! The BEST! I must reread Mom’s book now, with even more insight. Susie is going to really SKIP all over the house and down the brick sidewalks and around the courthouse! Don close behind and even beside her! Mama was born and raised in Columbia City, so we often visited the ‘Indiana Folks’. I was born and raised in Hastings, Michigan, a similar small town, so could relate to so much of what Susie related. Golly I am so PROUD of you all! Bless you, and bless David Rat for his words. LOVE the title!”

Pamela Simmons: “WOW…That is beautiful!”

Neil J. Simon: “GREAT! Glad she is getting the recognition she deserves!”

David Rat: “woot! I am so happy you are happy Susie…but there is no need to thank me for simply speaking the truth…”

david, have you any idea how thrilled i am reading these supportive words of yours? wow, we should write another book … together! i am copying and framing this glowing tribute which is so beautifully expressed! oh, my! what a love you are, sir. and thanks, roy, for posting this! i nearly fainted reading this…GOOD fainting! yep, i love you both! and to be understood is worth more than gold! and that you do…i feel UNDERSTOOD! 😉


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