Glo Magazine reviews Secrets of an Old Typewriter

Check out Glo Magazine’s review of Secrets of an Old Typewriter at this link (page 24) – click here.


Review by Davina Black:

“Local author alert! Susie Duncan Sexton of Columbia City writes about animal rights and being raised as a Hoosier, among other things. Her sweet stories refer to some of our favorite Indiana hotspots and her characters remind us of our own small town friends. Sexton is a natural storyteller, flowing in her narrative, and the reader ends her book feeling like she has finished tea with an old friend. There is honesty and courage in her writing and it boasts an experienced baby boomer perspective on religion, media, and politics. Find it on as a print copy or e-book.”

This is really thrilling! Find out more at


Drex Morton: “Brava once again, Susie.”

Mary Shaull: “Congratulations to Mom, Roy! Proud of her.”

Neil Simon: “It is thrilling! Congratulations!”

Michelle C.: “I adore your relationship with your mom. It’s wonderful, Roy.”

Sabra Thurber: “Is Susie your mum? The book sounds good! I’ll have to check it out!”

Shannon Wright: “Right on, Ms. Susie!”

Bev Sexton: “I am impressed and not at all surprised that her book is such a success.  What a woman!!!!!”

wow…don even skipped around the house reading this review to me! he is very much onboard after this past busy year and a half giving birth to a…book! THIS got him giddy at last!



other thoughts…

where to begin? enforce and educate that kindness to all beings is a must in a civilized and cultured and inclusive society. violence breeds violence.

in North Carolina, purebred animals die every day…gassed…all over that state. please help to stop this practice…all animals matter, purebred or not. please encourage others to spay, to neuter, to stop artificially inseminating.

respect for all LIFE — sentient beings as well because caring breeds empathy– begins at home…our present descent into violence and hatefulness and fear is frightening and stupid. pull us out of this hell by whatever means possible. go, team, go!

Irmgard Guters: “I think puppy mills are the major cause for the overpopulation of pets. They should all get closed!”

Annie Gagnon: “Couldn’t agree more; ignorance breeds ignorance as well!!! I am so tired of the abuse of animals, who can’t talk back! They didn’t ask to be here in the first place; these people are bullies of the worst kind, and I truly believe that society is seeing where these bullies are headed now that there is shooting after shooting, and it all seems to escalate from our dear beloved animals first!! We are not, and should not, be at war at home in the United States of America; however, from my readings of news, and media, it certainly seems we are! Stronger laws, and time for a ‘Look out for one another, and our blessed furry friends out there’ are needed! I salute you, Susie and Roy, for all you do, to help support all animals on the face of this troubled earth! God bless you both!!!!!! ♥ ♥”

Bob Carlson: “i sweated my hindquarters off knocking on doors and posting flyers a few summers ago to get Proposition B passed, to regulate puppy mills here in Missouri, the puppy mill capital. it passed, and the ag-funded legislature raised such a stink that the governor, a Democrat in name only, signed a ‘compromise’ version which hamstrung it. the whores in the legislature tried to say that the voters were misinformed and didn’t realize what they were voting for. like hell! so the voters passed a ballot initiative by a decent margin, and the clowns in Jefferson City changed it anyway. it was a typical vote split: St. Louis and Kansas City vs. the rural rest of the state. arrgghh.”

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