on the yellow brick road now…

a writer’s lament…

today i was alerted to the ponderings of a young housewife, someone whom I have never met so I do not know how to relay messages to her, someone writing about dead goldfish and detesting baby turtles? sometimes she makes me laugh, but “please don’t eat the daisies” ain’t me…I leave that to all of the erma bombeck wannabe folks!


…that girl even believes that boys will be boys and that bullying is cute and natural and jokes about it? and graphically discusses jock cups? so though she makes me laugh occasionally, she and I are not on the same page?

I am on the yellow brick road now!


dang, my friend mary shaull just perked me up beyond measure…and I am now “doctoring” as they say…and I have a potent tube of james mason medicine that is scaring the psoriasis right outta my … life…I hope I hope I hope! arghhhhhh.

me and the medical profession do not mix…but oh, them toxic drugs, baby…gimme some.


I keep words of praise in a tiny drawer after I print them out. I review them periodically so that I know I might exist…seriously! small-town america does not specialize in morale boosting…strange glares, yes…morale boosting, no

my mom was an absolute doll once upon a time…and when she was a widow, as they say a “sea-change” took her over and I barely recognized her behavior…others still thought highly of her but she manipulated us “kids” like there was no tomorrow…and others manipulated her as well for some motivation or other.

ah, the mysteries of aging and the stories of damage that emerge.

I really do not want to slip into her style that she seemed to acquire maybe from a sense of self-preservation. the stages of life are wacky and stifling…I like for the ride to be a blur.


SECOND DAY of our charity drive for Symphony Animal Foundation, a no kill shelter! Order your paperback copy of Susie Duncan Sexton’s book “Secrets of an Old Typewriter” at www.open-bks.comwww.amazon.com, or www.susieduncansexton.com, and publisher Open Books will donate a $1 for every copy sold between December 6 and 9!


The gift will be made in memory of SAF board member Bob Wannberg’s late brother Scott, a Los Angeles-based poet and friend of animals everywhere. Susie writes, “so delighted with the prospects of providing a sizeable donation to this noble, noble effort…animals do matter and deserve protection and nurturing and our everlasting respect! ♥!!!”

Click here to order!

if someone told me to put anybody to sleep to RIP and to cross the rainbow bridge, guess what? i’d spit on the paycheck and take the dog to a good home instead. what dolls…and what a crime to murder these beings all day long every day somewhere in this mixed-up world of ours!

Wonderful friend Bob Wannberg writes:

You know, I have commented on certain Volunteers for Symphony Animal Foundation, and they do deserve mention because they manage certain operations of the shelter and its outreach to the community; but I also realized just how very important each and every volunteer is that dedicates their time to helping Symphony and the animals, and all of the hours they put in, how they sacrifice their personal business and never complain about anything. It is amazing how good it feels to give back to others, and help these animals who can’t help themselves – I write these comments because I am a volunteer, just like everyone else, and I feel a need to tell you how impoortant they are – and if my Brother Scott were still alive (this benefit is in his memory) he would do the same. Thank you Susie, Roy and David Ross for this wonderful benefit for Symphony.

[Click here for a video about the Foundation!]

When I first met Laraine Russo Harper, it was at the County Animal Shelter. I was going to foster a special needs dog that was about to be put down and Laraine was going to pay to get that little sweetie out! I was told to meet her at a certain time and there she was! I went to shake her hand and she stopped me saying ‘Bob, I’m a hugger’! and that was my first hug from Laraine. Laraine hugs everyone she meets. She is truly an amazing woman who has a heart of gold. Laraine is someone who works nearly 70 to 80 hours a week, is a key member of the Southern Nye County Search and Rescue Team, and then I find that she herself gives back to numerous other Charities in the community.

So meet Laraine Russo Harper, the founder of Symphony Animal Foundation, a true animal lover and advocate, whose long time dream of saving these animals, eliminating ‘Kill’ Shelters and taking them off animal death row is coming true because of giving people like you. Thank you for helping these animals, if they could talk they would thank you. We won’t let them down.

Jen Esch commented, “Just bought Susie’s book in paperback through Amazon. Roy. is it possible to coordinate an interview / autograph with the author? …Love you, too! And Susie! She’s amazing!”

Mina Linda: “I totally agree with Susie ~ Who takes God’s role and determines when someone dies? So wrong and so awful!!!”

Mary Shaull: “I so credit Roy and Susie for all the work and planning that has gone into this effort for the sake of animals. It all started with her determination to get her book published. No small feat! With Roy leading the cheering section, it is all happening!!! So proud of you both!”

Shannon Wright: “Susie, you are one of the most inspirational people I know and you ‘tell it like it is’. I LOVE that about you.”

Tressa Marie: “Thank you so much, Susie and Roy, for all you do …. for us and for our animal friends. Much appreciation, love and respect to both of you always! You both are inspiring to so many!”

please consider purchasing my memoirs highlighting animal escapades and poignant tales of “coming of age”…a donation will be made to a divine NOKILL sanctuary, the SYMPHONY ANIMAL FOUNDATION, where no species is turned away…they all matter! each life is valuable!

Wonderful Symphony Animal Foundation board member Bob Wannberg commented about this article (click here): “Thank you Laraine, Roy, Susie and all who contribute to saving these animals; this is a wonderful article and so much appreciated. As an animal lover, advocate, volunteer, I love you all….No one could be more beautiful, nor have a bigger heart than Susie and Roy; and all of those buying Susie’s Book during this 3 day period to help the animals at Symphony Animal Foundation; Laraine Russo Harper, Symphony’s Founder, we love you for bringing this ‘No Kill’ Shelter and Sanctuary into reality, and the Volunteers who help you.” Thank YOU, Bob, for all you do – you are a kind and tireless friend and advocate – we love you!

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