appreciated and inspiring… (2012)

Thanks, everyone, for your help on December’s charity drive to benefit Symphony Animal Foundation! The friendship and encouragement were so appreciated and inspiring.


Open Books will tally the copies of Secrets of an Old Typewriter sold from December 6th through the 9th and send a gift in memory of the late, Los Angeles-based poet Scott Wannberg ( As I was quoted in the event press release: “Animals are my heart and soul. Plain and simple. I am thrilled that my book is resonating so well with fellow animal lovers, and I am so grateful that we can do something with the book to help educate and support our animal friends.”


Symphony Animal Foundation (SAF) was founded by Laraine Russo Harper and was inspired by and is named in memory of her two St. Bernards, “Beethoven” and “Mozart”. Symphony Animal Foundation is a no kill facility which provides a safe haven for all animals.


Kudos to Scott’s brother Bob Wannberg and to Laraine for inspiring us all! Thanks to Open Books, David A. Ross, Kelly Huddleston for their tireless support. Special thanks to all of our friends here and the various social media groups who promoted, shared, purchased, commented, liked, and cared, helping us get the word out. Finally, thanks to the sundry press outlets that really gave us some amazing coverage throughout the fall, notably, VegNews, Thomas Janak & Wild Time Radio, Colin Lively & Joshua Plant, Columbia City Post and Mail, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Churubusco News, Allison Hawkins & the Pahrump Mirror, Heritage Newspapers, Here Women Talk Radio, Talk of the Town, and no doubt a few others we missed.

Mary Shaull added, “AND special thanks to Susie and Roy for creating and promoting this marvelous event! What a team! … Love those pictures! What a beautiful and handsome family!! So glad I’m part of you.”

Cat Tingley: “Nice pictures everyone!”

Paro Babu: “thank you, Roy, for sharing this wonderul blog – love you, Susie! … thank you, Roy, for sharing such wonderul blogs with us, and ♥ Susie ♥ who is the creator of these magical blogs…”

Bob Wannberg: “Thank you, Susie, Roy, for this wonderful coverage, all of your efforts are so appreciated!”

Paul Clifford Schrade: “The Twilight express is leaving first thing in the morning for YESTERYEARS. All those intrested in forsaking all this nonsense called TODAY are welcome to buy their tickets and climb aboard!! They must leave all the baggage they have accumulated and be prepared to start living again among warm, rational people in an enchanted place called HAPPYSVILLE. Don’t look for it on any map because it is only in the heart! Godspeed and join you on the train!”

Laraine Russo Harper: “Susie and Roy: Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion that you have extended to the animals. You are truly special people. You are too, Bob Wannberg!”

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