no mincing words…

there is no resting in peace…there is the horror of being slain…a living being’s last moments on earth consisting of being frightened and terrified and then killed…accept that fact and we can change the system, the killing system…do not mythologize…do not accept profiteering via slaughter of any living being. please empathize…please.


in response to this powerful video (click here) narrated by MTV’s Jackass’ Steve O, my dear friend Yuka Yamashita wrote, “Note that that video contains graphic imagery, but this is the reality. So I watched, as I want to know the reality; I want to know about these animals; I want to stop facing away from the reality, but learn and know what’s going on behind the scenes of my daily dishes. I am avoiding eating meat now, to change my diet forever, but still eating seafood and eggs, so I have to know and recognize these sacrifices and lives that I am taking everyday… for my own right decisions. Ignorance and indifference is a Sin.”


wonderful statement, yuka!!!!! …we cannot look away…the crassness of profiting on such horrors and furthermore perpetuating health problems by turning a blind eye to the sheer insanity of slaughtering and eating animals is in a primitive time-warp. we should be brighter and kinder as we evolve…not selfish and brutish. tired of mincing words.


people really need to watch several of these startling videos…the reason, and i mean REASON, that this effort to enlighten human beings is growing by leaps and bounds. enlightenment. never ever would i have believed that i could watch…but i have and i do. thank you for watching and for posting, yuka! truly! thanks for your support of such a noble cause as animal welfare and their rights and our rights to see that they are treasured. backing down is not my style nor yours! yay for us!


thanks, all, for your powerful responses to the above entry…

Dee Turner: “Thank you for being such a strong rallying voice for the voiceless everywhere!!! I so empathize and agree with this wise philosophy for educating humanity. Human beings MUST be or become more ‘Humane Beings’ because there is NO excuse for any animal abuse. ‘Ignorance and indifference is a Sin.’”

Cat Tingley: “Very powerful video!”

Brahma Rakshasa Ravana: “thanks. i love your mother. she is a great woman. you are a lucky man, roy.”

Florence Windfall: “I couldn’t watch this video about the pig factory farm. The people who just throw these animals away like trash — where is their humanity? Who are they? Who raised THEM? Who encouraged their sadistic lifestyle — is it money alone? Who would do these things even for money, even for a LOT of money? I know that you could not pay me to do these things. I would rather die — I would commit suicide if I was FORCED to do these things. How do these people exist in our culture at all? They have dehumanized themselves. Who does this?”

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