what a fabulous holiday season that would be…

seriously…truly…honestly…how do we provide NOKILL shelters? as many animals as are killed every year, there are more than enough…far more than enough…homes which could add a dog or cat as a family member…

would be 1

we could empty the cages tomorrow…and with responsible monitoring, stop this tragic second by second situation right this moment…please adopt and urge your friends and family members to do their wonderful part and adopt a shelter resident NOW!

what a fabulous holiday season that would be…the spirit of inclusiveness and love in action during this special season. think about it and act upon it and thanks! entirely possible… absolutely.

honestly…why not? why ever not? the solution is so simple.

would be 2

from Bessie Cline Mounts: “So agree …Sad but true ..And people act like the shelters are the ones killing them… When people are the ones who drop them off to be killed.”

from Sher Lynn: “I have often pondered this conundrum myself, Susie…bottom line is its irresponsible people.. need mountainous efforts to bust puppy mills, stop puppy auctions, and make even responsible breeders stop for at least three years to help clean up this travesty … the poor things have no time to find homes because of the volumes that come in to the shelters with limited space. oh this is all just so sad…I help at pet adoptions time to time and so sad how many people don’t even know about ‘rescues’ still.. sigh…”

from Jessica Karla Stovall: “We need a mandatory spay and neuter law, but I won’t see it in my lifetime.”

from Diane Shenkman Baumgarten: “If only, we have to stop the madness”

from Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “However, shelters need to do more to promote adoptions!”

from Bj Bobbi Jo Rucker: “I wish there was a place here that fixed the dogs and cats more affordable (maybe there is now and I’m not aware of it?). My dogs have been fixed for a long while now, but I remember that before they could be fixed they had to have all their shots up to date. For those who live on farms and have farm cats mousing their barns and fields this is NOT an affordable option. To get 10 cats all vaccinated up to date and fixed just isn’t possible unless one is rich. I’ve heard that in some other counties some of the vets do not require the animals to be up to date before they will fix the animal. I really respect the animal hospital in Fort Wayne that does that yearly five-cent-per-male-cat fixing. Because of them we were able to keep the cat population down on our farm. Now that we live in town it isn’t as much of an issue thankfully. But don’t be so quick to judge pet owners who don’t fix their pets, some mean well and truly want to but cannot afford all the many shots and the surgery – not when every cat and dog from the country side decides to reside in their barn. I’ve had it happen many times. There was no way I could afford taking all those cats and dogs in to be shot up to date and then fixed. On farms, cats and dogs come and go like crazy. Country life is way different than the city life, especially when it comes to pets. The same goes for humans too; I wish there were more affordable options for some humans to get fixed too. lol (I personally know of some people who really need a good ol’ fixing!)So, I really really wish there was an affordable option, locally, to getting one’s pets fixed. I hate knowing there are tons of uncared for cats and dogs out there due to lack of affordable options in many cases.”

from Annie Gagnon: “Dear Susie, Just wanted to say that sometimes it may feel you are fighting a losing battle, because it is such an enormous project, with so many needs; and a last resort for our precious animals that have been abandoned, or abused,and homeless. However, if you can look back and see how many you have helped, you know it is worth going on. Though it is a deeply painful project, it is rewarding in so many other ways! I have always felt myself to be an advocate for the animals who can really not communicate but by emotion, and facial expression; if anyone can’t see the innocence and devotion in them, imagine, how do they feel about their fellow human being! Please carry on, and know that all your work is so special, and you and Roy are guardian angels for these lovely animals, love you both, your friend Annie <3”

from Bob Wannberg: “The effort to save these animals never ends, and often, we may become discouraged because it can be overwhelming; but each one we do save is a victory; a victory that would not have happened had it not been for your tireless efforts and love for these sweet animals. I sit here and look at one of my dogs and say ‘you are a gift, a miracle of unconditional love’ because someone cared! You are that someone. Don’t give up! We stand with you and for you! One day, because of people like you, people like us, there will be no more animal death row. They will be healed , adopted to good, loving homes; and for those who can’t be adopted, they will live good quality, full lives in the safe haven of ‘No kill’ Shelters and Sanctuaries.”

from Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Susie you are angel on earth and you just keep on taking care of all of the animals…you are my kind of person…and I love you ….You too, Roy…such big hearts both of you!!!! You both do such wonderful jobs.”

from fellow author David Rat: “Susie, we share the same soul when it comes to animals…peace”

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