welcome to circus world! (2013)

YES…WE PROMISE! evolution means humans are getting brighter and more inclusive and more peaceful…it’s the politicians who think only of themselves! and the people benefitting from corporate greed. otherwise the rest of us are kind and normal and forward thinking! right?

HOWEVER, click here to read rationalizations … in Indiana! again. from botched education to lucrative faux religion to speciesism, sexism, racism, corporate greed. unhealthful to consume meat … this is the NRA at work … this is big money from many special interests at work … if we care about the poor, we feed them…pay for their groceries –share the wealth — invite some folks to dinner…stop the pomposity about food stamps… deer herds can be controlled through birth control…totally available… deer can be tubercular … this state must stop bragging of red-neck status. we are better than this.

these spins are lucrative for far too many people who actually promote burgeoning deer populations so that this tragedy can occur repeatedly as a ridiculously one-sided self-indulgent “sport”…resulting in manipulative PROFIT FOR THE FEW…blood money. why is the media so gung ho on this issue? advertising revenue…money, money, money. watch for deer during “hunting” season when these targeted animals are flushed onto the ridiculously heavily trafficked highways. this “sport” causes accidents. this is profiteering at its barbaric worst. this is a crock! stay home occasionally. remember to give a damn about humane treatment of all living beings…absolutely all. stop teaching children that murder is a “sport”… we are all paying a horrid price for this twisted mania. welcome to a very red state. red with blood.


meat causes cancers, heart attacks, diabetes I & II, Parkinson’s…we do no favors to feed meat to the poor. yeah, brucellosis…bovine brucellosis? and then we shall all come down with it…because the “sportsmen” pretended with all their fancy store-bought weaponry and treehouses and fashionable costumes and junk that they saved our cars from dents and our poor people — about whom they do not give truly one $%#@ — from starvation…BS!

unbelievable propaganda…why? not to mention the introduction of youth to the rampant killing culture we witness on a regular basis. …I am so distressed with the media…I am surely not alone. they appear to be beholden to the folks with the most money. wow. how tragic for all of us….and animals particularly. we are all becoming victims. incredible yet so sadly “human” rather than “humane” – the lessons being taught to our youth are frightening. I am just got that newspapers are so desperate to stay alive that they have gotten on board with this horror. just out for advertising bucks…and will answer to the big daddies who hand out the most cash…actually pretty frightening stuff. yellow journalism and sensationalism, welcome to circus world! hopefully people can still communicate on the “social” network (on which folks behave like prostitutes the biggest percentage of the time).

I am not wanting to live anywhere in the world at this point…disgusted with the human race…good grief!


kids taught to kill…kids taught to blow wads of cash on weaponry and hunting gear and little costumes and all the hoopla (not to mention hideous video games)…..what in the world is going on….did sarah palin do THAT much damage to delicate, IFFY brain cells across America? wow…what power she must have…people, including men and kids, imitating sarah? is this a really bad dream?

I am figuring the adults did the murder and the kid is supposed to smile for the photo op? have seen the same “poses” here…hurts human “feelings” to say one word like “WHY?” hurts their “feelings”…those tough posing killers? ironic! how about the wounds inflicted on another living being…encouraging children? wow?


click here for a fabulous article by gary hart…he calls all of this wild wild west crap a PLAGUE…he is correct…of biblical proportions…what am I failing to grasp about this insanity? people…some people…have lost their minds…have become mentally ill enough to “carry”! madness. too much Matt Dillon and Wagon Train evidently which are oddly the silliest nonsense I ever saw.

did some marketer set the “palin movement” (jesus! hunting! guns! cute glasses! hair in a topknot! too many kids!) into action for some sinister reason…if it weren’t so all invasively tragic it would be funny…America is doomed unless people start speaking up…we’ll be fine if good people become less reticent to offend the dunderheads with guns! NUTS!

we need A NEW TYPE OF CHEERLEADER…always wanted to be one of those flips… just only kind of the opposite of those fluffheads we all had to endure in (ugh) high school? we have got more important stuff to yell…L-O-V-E! C-A-R-E! ( I bet we spell better than your typical pom-pom brigade, too?)


paging Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor…WE’RE BAD…YEAH, WE’RE BAD! (GOOD FOR US!) whatever movie that was?

I have been rediscovering my life lately…I have been writing stuff so long that I forgot how sweet real life can be…I love to do my own thing…always have…and I am returning to that mode come hell or high water…YAY…RAH! great to tell it like it is…and if these messages make somebody wee wee and tsk tsk tsk that is just too doggone bad…it’s fun to shout it out and not play-act…I love “genuine”…we can make some changes for the good…proud of that FACT!


yes, let’s get real! for example, north carolina, land of my roots, only gasses animals…many at a time…then adds the puppies and kittens to the pile of cadavers and pulls the lever again…I have written to a childhood friend who is a legislator there to stop this barbarism…but the veterinarian who also manufactures and sells (by demonstrating) the gas chambers also is a tarheel legislator. conflict of INTEREST? I have never heard one peep from frank iler the fellow I wrote extensively to about this ongoing tragedy. the bodies are then sold to be rendered into pet food? and fertilizer. live shelter animals are sold for experimentation. folks in that state whom I share bloodlines with also turn a blind eye and deaf ear to this sad situation and seem not to contact their legislators. but they do love attending church picnics to enjoy beer and hog roasts. if I have missed one who cares, I am sorry. too bad, I am so shy, right? well, LIFE should matter to all of us…and churches should be first in line to turn this horror around. a-men.

…I attended sunday school, bible school, sang in the choir…and at a pretty young age figured out what church homes are about…and it broke my eager young heart…but thank GOD for that early education. churches better evolve in order to pay the mortgages on their big fancy buildings…better let people in…not shut people out. like…duh? and I need to be re-charmed…like eve with that apple…I believe in truths in real time not bibbidi bobbidi boo…cannot believe that adults move about spouting figurative mythology as if it was ever meant to be literal…also, historians have tried to point out exactly when the good book was written but folks like myths and tall tales…I still say it is a simplistic form of social networking…gotta be seen with the right crowd to stay on the track to personal revenues…certain of that actually. I believe, I believe…tinkerbell is real…now do I get the job?


now tomorrow I shall have to hide from the thugs whom I just described…and they know who they are! drama! bad drama…but soap opera drama nevertheless…I live in the heartland hotbed of murdering animals and spouting bible verses and sleeping around and grabbing the gold ring…totally berzerko bizarre. and what will be fun is if in the long run god is not such a forgiving person up in the sky after all…and one cannot boogie down and often and still get through the pearly gates cuz god looked the other way whenever that boogeying happened…and baby it did…I have been shocked by the wildness which has morphed into “bible verses for each day of the week”?

unreal…c’mon, people, we all knew each other when? just saying.

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