if I were a stray …. (2013)

barack, what is your problem? start caring about animals…arghhh. I voted for him…but his record on animals stinks…however, not one of the politicians care about animals…no room in their hearts for anyone but the koch brothers types and themselves. so sick of the lot of them…the LOT of them.

I want to like cuomo…googled him because I love his chutzpah … and saw that he has some wacky personal baggage…but I still like his spunk. would he make a great prez…I think he might be a possibility? barack IS missing a spine…I kept hoping he would grow one? hasn’t yet…



if I were a stray…I would NOT want to be in NC… gassing, gassing, gassing.

this is a horror…I have read articles saying that IF you save a dog from the life of straying you may not be doing them any favors IF you dump the animal in a kill “shelter”…the belief being they have more chances on their own … and might even find an owner…I am curious as to how for instance IF someone finds a kitten and dumps a kitten at the shelter that person qualifies as a good Samaritan? are people so self-centered they cannot be bothered with a kitten? guess it depends upon whether that kitten is in definite harm’s way in horrid weather or heavy traffic…people just baffle me…BAFFLE! why not raise that kitten yourself? duh?


my nephew opined this very thing to me years ago…and now I believe he was correct. If YOU yourself cannot open your heart and your arms to a stray, let it be? arghhh. “shelter” sounds like a good word, however “animal control” as part of a shelter’s name sounds ominous…like animals are considered pests to busy self-involved landscaping humans and need to be dissolved into pet food and fertilizer…just puzzled by the whole twisty mess. spins and twists to justify KILLING? cannot program…never will be able to program human rationalizations for “not being bothered or put out of their way” to stop and care and get muddy…and experience the bond like no other…the bond of caring enough to take a chance on a suffering soul right before your eyes. scratching my head…


these poor souls can run up a tab at the hands of humans who have them in captivity…it is so ironic…either pay up…or bang! seems a little profit-motivated?

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