brains washed and dried and starched and ironed: Indiana ag gag

lots of us in Indiana are concerned about these sweet beings and sick and tired of their victimization for insane profits in this state — generated by collusion with CHINA!

the ag-gag bill has been revisited and the republican legislators are not happy with those who oppose it and who are testifying presently…the senators are behaving quite rudely and crassly to the HSUS representative. and to concerned citizens who are advocating for animal welfare and animal rights.

Indiana needs to realize we are becoming a national laughing stock! ashamed of my own state.

here in the armpit of 4-H-ville where we wrestle pigs for entertainment and invite rodeos to accidentally kill calves right in front of startled children…we introduce elementary school children to their “pork” and “beef” that we “harvest”…and let them pet the animals that will provide all of their nutrition after they are carted off to slaughterhouses…

the “pork” and “beef” that is, not the children…the children only have their brains washed and dried and starched and ironed. this pig industry is located just up the road and does a super job of making huge profits via CHINA while rationalizing mass murder.

now, a hoosier amendment to put fishing and hunting in concrete…shouldn’t you faux-conservative legislators stop messin’ where you shouldn’t be a’messin’? fuhget about it! hoping…nah, praying, that all of you get replaced. c’mon, God, send these preening, posturing opportunists back home to really work for a living! a-men…and I am tired of paying for franking privileges for these doofuses BTW! and why fill out a form to return to any of them, when their minds are made up and they are courting big money? arghhhhhh. double arghhhhhhhhhhhh!

yay for those of us who care about exposing these little DICK-taters and the harm they can do when they are pleasing other little DICK-taters for personal rewards — victimization of innocent sentient beings is despicable and hellish.


speaking of protesting circuses, how about the circus at the indianapolis statehouse…visit sometime…you’ll see…the only reasonable and sedate folks behind the glass window are DEMOCRATS who unfortunately are in the minority…we need to fix that, so that this state stops abusing both humanity and animals! disgusting show/parade of grandstanding preening posing embarrassing self-serving play-acting incompetents! and we are paying them? and we are financing their “franking” privileges????????

don and I returned from the state house last spring in total shock…like a midway…all that was missing was sticky cotton candy and calliope music…a bunch of the younger dudes sported scarves and constantly twiddled on their iPhones pretending to ignore any form of humanity milling about (we ACTUALLY WERE VICTIMS OF RUDENESS) … concerned that these fools are in over their empty heads.

some of the ancient good ole boys just glowered at us…like “why are you here?” many of them looked like they were only anxious to get to some bar for a drink or to enjoy an I. U. basketball game or some perk…so much for “conservatives”…a real misnomer.

and, hey, pope francis, how about the “climbers” who are trampling on the environment and animal welfare for profits at all costs and kissing the hems of the rich? go do your thing there, ok?

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