blood-letting is blood-letting. all sentient beings matter.

so, too many republican hoosier state legislators insist they want voters to decide issues? really? why would that be when those very legislators are interested in lining their own pockets and dream up legislation that would please specifically the “big money” interests?

over and over and over again…let’s start with canned hunting for instance…not to mention their made-up divisive amendments to the state constitution … and not to mention ag-gag efforts.

a farm “industrialist” claims that “activists” who watch graphic videos of animals being slaughtered and abused fail to understand that farm animals are treated like pets? except he used the words “livesSTOCK” for living beings and “pork” for pigs and “beef” for cattle and spoke of these “pets’” lovely lives before mass “SLAUGHTER”? can’t these money-making moguls hear the irony in the false words they spout to win over what they pray will be the MEAT-EATING public?

hoosier legislators, I implore you: get down to the business of the citizens that you are supposed to represent and let us decide for whom we will vote after all on one very big issue–whether or not you “special interest” politicos will get re-elected or sent back home to play golf and to look elsewhere for an easy income. let the voters decide THAT! you are not worth the money we are paying you. signed: one of the voters, just another disgusted citizen

the only way these legislators might even care is if they think they might lose some votes if they vote along party lines as always and do not care a whit about animal welfare just to be popular with the “gang”! we waited for one to pretend to see us last year at lobby day for almost 4 hours…standing in the hallway we were…he never looked up and never stopped tweeting.

then, as he “acted” surprised we were still in the hallway, he spoke of animal rights and welfare being a grey area? wow? and he shoots quail. ugh.

some of them think they are on the fast track with ultra-conservative play-acting. hoping they are not assured political careers! we need intelligent, fair-minded individuals to oppose them and win those seats.

so proud of Bob Ashley and hoping many other folks will follow his lead. this marriage equality thing has simply become an ugly political diversion in our state…homelessness, unemployment, crucial education issues, animal welfare all need attention…and these politicos are wasting precious time thinking they are simply generating personal votes for themselves from fundamentalists and neo-cons, appeasing the mighty faux religious right.

(just now read in our local paper that a mother who obviously engaged in “one man/one woman” sex tried to sell her child 8 times and provided sex also – again one woman, several men – for extra cash…how about legislating loose “heterosexual” sex we seem to have overlooked for god knows how many epochs. sex is sex is sex.)

the vote on every issue sadly falls along party lines but some intelligent folks are starting to vote their consciences…hopefully this issue which has been drummed up by the right wing to cause a ruckus will be resolved in favor of love and compassion for all who live. shame on those who are playing with people’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

so ashamed of this state … so disappointed in specific legislators who are on the make…heart-breaking to misuse intelligence.

so disappointed in another couple or more of these fellows…not to be believed! their self-interest is glaring…blinding…I am horrified! they THINK they know what side their “BREAD” is buttered on…they care not one second for the “voters”…double-talk is their specialty.

our state was always far better than this. I know…I have been a hoosier all of my life. I am appalled at the cruelty of this immature groupthink and shocked at some of its participants whom I once thought held much promise. I sincerely hope they are replaced by fair-minded individuals very soon.

so dismayed with the catering of legislators to big money…those who hunt or farm or control purse strings like the Koch brothers or Monsanto…and lawmakers who kill animals just to be part of the money crowd.

no votes from me when I learn of such actions. despicable behavior…human/animal welfare and rights? not a “grey” area…crucial for any “politician” to start realizing that blood-letting is blood-letting. all sentient beings matter. when can we see that any of you realize that?

thanks for these comments!

Judy Kramer: “There is nothing worse then canned hunting. I have no use for people who do this and I have told family and friends to keep people they know who do this out of my sight. People who invite me to functions or functions I go to are advised to not set me at a table with ‘them’ and trust me have been in that situation! This is the worst thing in the world”

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