good-bye our sweet Jack… (2014)

my heart is bleeding because my Jack is now gone. Zelda preceded him – you can read my tribute to her and their companionship here …so I am trying to make me feel better by helping people appreciate animals on my digital etch a sketch. god this hurts….

Jack died today…we saved him from euthanasia a dozen years ago — by five minutes …wrote about him and his girlfriend Zelda in my 2nd book…he missed her so much. She died a year and a half ago. Heart broken.

I am feeling very defeated by the sadness of all of the shelter beings who are killed each second. Our life with Jack and Zelda held great meaning. We won through our caring…through our saving of their lives. I heartily recommend taking a chance on saving lives. All living beings matter.


my husband Don observed, “Learning from our friends with paws is always amazing – I don’t know if Jack was in pain or just very tired – but he never acted upset/bothered/ugly/ or any way other than I am slowly going away. He was a ‘dingo’ at heart.”

oh, please watch this video of a dog who lived (literally) in a garbage pile and whose life was transformed with a bit of love.


how many of us care about animals here in America…more of us each second are doing our best and encouraging others to speak up and step up for all living beings in OUR country. bless these humans in this video and bless Miley and Frankie. we must set an example… Hey, Russia, follow our lead.

as an aside, we have always been so scared of and critical of ole mother Russia and the “commies” and yet we are participating in the Olympics anyway? looking the other way while Putin in his vulgar vanity orders the mass slaughter of stray animals that might get televised during the “festivities” and could block the camera shots???? and we slaughter cattle, pigs, buffalo, deer, sheep, lambs, calves, piglets and domesticated “pets” and strays a bajillion a second…and usually for PROFIT or convenience or just sheer crassness! sick of it all…totally depressing.

(Russia and Putin and the Olympics can go take a flying leap…)

good-bye our sweet Jack…



thank you, all, for these comments…

Malou Björnslätt: “I really feel their pain from losing a dear friend/companion, having lost several non-human soulmates through the years. And at the same time the joy from knowing that they had a good life with caring humans. All animals deserve the best! Fortunately it seems like more and more people care, but there’s still a lot of work to be done, spreading information all over the world, making people aware of how their choices affect other living beings. I truly hope that the whole world will end up being vegan some day.”

Cruzlin Picabo Schubert: “My deepest, most heartfelt condolences ~”

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “So sorry to hear you have suffered the loss of your dear companion Susie! I have a Jack too who is nearly 16. It’s the hardest part about opening hearts and homes but we both know we wouldn’t have it any other way! ♥”

Stephanie Smith: “i am so sorry for your loss. i do know how you feel. i just lost my milo in december from old age and now i am losing my ozzy because i cant afford to get him to the vet. my heart breaks for you; so sorry …i would take all the unwanted if i could but for now i just try to share pages, find homes, and feed any animal that i come across”

Mary Beth Purdy Artz: “oh my heart breaks for you Susie. How hard it is. How lucky for Jack to have had such a wonderful soul to take care of him….and vice versa. <3”

Kathy Bostwick: “Ohhhh Susie – I am so sorry to hear this – there are no words to relieve the pain you are feeling but please know that I am thinking of you during this difficult time – RIP Jack ❤

Mary Maday: “So sad, Susie. I do know how you feel. Have had many of my babies go to the Rainbow Bridge. I know he had a good life with you. He was beautiful. I feel your pain – know that for sure.”

Dianne Hughes: “ONE day we will ALL meet up with our ANGELS.”

Beth Kennedy: “so sorry for your loss, Susie”

Leslie Sennett: “Aww, my deepest heartfelt condolences; it’s tough losing a pet. I know and feel your pain ♥”


Carol Baker: “Such a handsome boy. I’m really sorry to hear of his passing, Susie. It’s been a rough year for my elderly pets here in Hooterville too. But… I’m steeling myself for a trip to the shelter to find someone to save me again. And you know what I always say… they don’t ‘replace’ the one who passed. They find a place in our heart we never knew we had… they make our hearts bigger.”

Jessica Lange Arnold: “So sorry for your loss, Susie. You saved their lives and your heart has been blessed by loving them. Happy memories to cherish during this difficult time.”

Wooftastic Books: “So sad. it’s always hard when your furry friend passes away.”

Linda Gentry Guest: “I’m so sorry. Been in your shoes too many times.”

Joan Sample: “I am sorry for your lost, I know how much we as pet owners love our pets! I have two myself. My Chihuahua Cheech has severe heart disease, and has to take two different medications twice a day. Again, I’m sorry for your lost!”

Valerie Parent: “Sorry for your pain today! What a beautiful dog he was. I feel the same way about rescuing animals and I cried to see the video you posted about Miley. I look forward to your blogs, but this one is special because of Jack. ♥”

Rita Tortonesi Dieter: “It is true heartache to loose your pet. Our dogs have been rescues. It seems they know they were rescued and are so faithful.”

Kathy Bostwick: “Awww Susie – I am so very sorry for your loss but your words……they are amazing…..and I hope your words will enlighten the rest of the world on the LOVE OF A FUR KID….I so wanted to say ‘dog’ but being the crazy cat lady that I am….. 😉 But seriously – a fur kid – no matter what size, species or habits – is FAMILY & it hurts when they leave us Please take comfort in knowing you & your family are in my thoughts & prayers <3”

Joseph L. Ceniccola: “so sorry for your loss”

Rochelle Epstein: “Susie, I am so sorry to read about Jack, you are in our thoughts, with love and licks, Layla and Me xxxx”

Nancy Hartman: “So sorry for your loss, it’s so sad when your loving family pet member passes away from you. My deepest heartfelt condolences!!”

Mary Maday: “A beautiful tribute. Jack and Zelda would be so proud.”

Shannon Basner: “So sorry for your loss of Jack. He was loved by you so dearly and though we have never met I know that you have him the most wonderful life. Run free sweet Jack, make many new friends and until you meet again, smile with your heart.”

Alice Rivera: “Your dogs made you happy, but you made them happy too. You will meet in heaven. Your friend, Alice.”

Suze Blackman: “Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Jack.”



the reason for our jack’s name…lemmon had just died when we saved jack and our jack was the color of a bright yellow lemon…therefore…jack lemmon became his name-o!

I really appreciate the heart-warming comments…it’s just a way of life for so many of us to care not only about humans but all sentient beings as well…all LIFE matters…and I can attest to the FACT that people who care about all life (animals included because there is room in our hearts for all!) are the kindest souls on the planet! I know because I just read the responses above here of not only friends of animals but loyal friends of this human animal, ME! You are all lifting the spirits of this forlorn person named Susie today! I seriously love you people! ❤ You are giving my crying eyes a rest and helping me to smile!

I am going to remember these responses when I need to be “original” and reply to someone who is minimizing how important sentient beings are…animals rate very high indeed…room for plenty of loves in one heart! caring is caring is caring!!! my parents taught me there’s plenty of room for another and another.

the amount we concerned animal-appreciating humans pay for vet bills can be immense. I have been there…and I have also found that we can be pretty darned good docs ourselves…just the love and attention and common sense we bestow upon our adopted orphans goes a really long way. I totally feel for you…I have kept all of our vet bills for over 40 years and watched the costs climb…and we and you do our best to heal our orphans with honest love and caring attitudes. I truly know what it is like to be quoted an incredible sum and to feel helpless. I totally wish that wasn’t true for so many loving pet owners.

honestly, people who give other people a heads up, a hug across the miles, and a kind comment are the best humans in the world. I so appreciate these words from all of you.

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