who we are as we sit and gaze at the screen.

I got my copy of my son Roy Sexton’s Reel Roy Reviews today and I not only LOVE IT…I ABSOLUTELY KNOW THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME…and I am not biased…I am candid as can be. Ask anybody!


Why do I love and enthusiastically recommend this exquisite, easily digested book of clever and meaningful words and phrases? Because Roy (www.reelroyreviews.com) covers the waterfront of moviedom … equal opportunity tastes satisfied without a doubt. A breezy yet informative trip!

Films are adored, fairly critiqued, and as a bonus this author’s tributes include the human condition–who we are as we sit and gaze at the screen. Films remind us and advance us and chronicle US! Thanks for this collection of true stories of the human race’s 150% love affair with cinema whether we admit that fact or not. Each essay equals a mini-movie…even the concert, CD, and book reviews! Gene Siskel is back! At last!

My husband Don writes about the book, “This is timeless writing that will not only enlighten you concerning movies and theater – it will also give you food for thought concerning our ability to take ourselves too seriously – our ability to get hung up on the trivial – and the overall silliness of life in the 21st century. Grab this book and enjoy – as Mr. Sexton writes – ‘I approach everything and everyone honestly and with a positive intent and offer candid feedback with an open heart and as much kindness as possible.’ This book is highly recommended.”

So there!


On another note entirely …

we have been watching tarheels battle the snow and ice as we have been doing in hoosierville…and we are sympathetic yet not featured on all the network news….on tv…and we keep remembering that the beautiful state gasses domestic animals all week long every week and our minds sorta wandered to that habitual, “way of life” torture of living beings…

stacked on top of one another while suffering for prolonged periods of time–once the last howl or scream is seemingly final the door is opened again and live puppies and kittens are placed on top and the gassing lever is pulled again…then the bulldozer kicks in and they are pushed and lifted up and dropped and voila…fertilizer and pet food gets manufactured really soon for profit…empathy would be great in god’s country…empathy. empathy.

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