golly! I am dead serious.

In response to this New Yorker article – click here – on pig-farming in my home state (and China?!?)…just down the road from where we live …

this article is beautifully written…i read it loud to some folks tonight…I believe this intelligent writer thinks that these people here in Indiana are not only greedy but also quite nuts and depraved — through a jaunty style of informative writing. a great piece! her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.


the man/owner in this article, who must be one of the most conflicted veterinarians ever to grace the planet, grew up with another fellow we know? albion is a tiny town, yet none of us know where their sprawling estate actually is? is that not totally weird?

after the honeymoon, the Chinese will leave these hoosiers high and dry one of these days now that the Chinese students are being taught HOW TO IMPREGNATE AND VICTIMIZE PIGS AND PIGLETS for yuppie food and medical experimentation. then they can sell us pricey, germy, plague inducing ham sandwiches.


and two more that you MUST read/view – here and here.

I have real difficulty waiting for evolution to smarten people up and to stop all of the destruction and mean-ness. I think (KNOW) we are on the correct track to alert those who may have not been paying any attention…the fewer stacks of cadavers of any variety the better — in real time!

neat to know people who truly care…and who are not afraid to state their concern for this barbarism…i have parted ways with some just plain ornery folks who love to debate the topic of murder? I kiss them good-bye sometimes after years and sometimes others within a split second. murder is not a debate topic…it is wrong and horrid. no such thing as a “little murder” now and then.


my son Roy is the kindest soul and he tries to teach me when to shut up…never works though! I love those angels who put their wings around others in real time!

I am getting really picky about the topic of animal welfare and rights. I constantly judge how valuable and helpful the information is and whether humans have the guts to tell it like it is – and to listen to how it is as well – while also demonstrating their genuine concern, by facing facts and caring more about the urgency of the situation … than they do about themselves.

infighting is a trip…it seems to go with the territory…but it turns me OFF! even worse is apathy…the zombie approach drives me UP A WALLLLLLLLLLL! and it is everywhere. the “walking self-centered dead” are a waste of precious time…unless they convert and start DOING SOMETHING NOW!


we’ll see if any more of my FB “friends” on my pages STAY friends with me. hey, it’s my method of seeing who cares and who doesn’t. time is of the essence, so I lose a few but I gain EVEN BETTER FRIENDS OF ANIMALS who’ll be proactive and genuine and accomplish the move forward inch by inch starting yesterday!

I really needed a boost these past few weeks…guess what? HERE IT IS…and the campaign to appreciate and protect and save the lives of the sentient beings of all stripes continues. my mom said to me once, “Love never gives up!” and that is what this is…LOVE IN ACTION. I LOVE you humans who have good hearts… yep…

I wish we could all go to Washington and make those “politicians” listen up and get to work on what really ails this nation…which has its roots in this very topic.


I have spoken up alone for years…and became quite shy and reticent and intimidated over and over. I believe in individuality…but with all of us individuals together at one time and either in one place or scattered…well, there is strength in numbers.

be one of us… the animal kingdom needs you and needs all of us all of the time. if we get this sadness controlled, the entire universe will fall into place. animal welfare is the key!!!

I am thinking that my animal-loving friends should write columns and books…my goodness! their beliefs and thoughts and actions are incredible. I so wish that newspapers and television and radio (hey, and churches?) would encourage and allow and promote this kind of dialogue we are reading here. it takes bravery to be kind, a FACT which always strikes me as ironic!

kindness should come naturally, but one has to fight prejudices and swaggering and bullying just to state the obvious that NICE is preferable to MEAN? I am impressed beyond measure. thanks to friends like Arlene Steinberg, Mary Maday, Shannon Wright, Naida Austin, Beverley Holden, Carissa Serino, Shannon Basner, and Julie Jo (all part of a wonderful chat session on our Squawk Back facebook group page last night) and so many other animal advocate friends I have for restoring my faith in humanity…I struggle with that daily…I had begun to doubt that people can be wonderful.

golly! I am dead serious. even though I sound like gomer right now? golly!

thanks for these comments!

Carissa Serino: “you guys are awesome!”

Mary Maday: “Thank you, Susie! We are all so grateful to ‘know’ you as well.”

Beverley Holden: “awesome as ever!”

Valerie Parent: “very well written blog!”

Naida Austin: “Wow!!! The writing was wonderful and you hit the nail on the head time and time, again! Thank you for gracing us with your creative talent, Susie! It is good to know we’re on the same page.”

Janice Burdick: “What a time machine I just went through!! This could be the same living room I grew up in!! That’s our old TV and fireplace!! Wow!!!”

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