somebody somewhere is laughing all the way to the bank

talented Ann Arbor blogger and teacher beth kennedy wrote this haiku (or “hai-sue”) in honor of my birthday:

susie smart sassy
don’t mess with dueling diva
cut you with her pen

thanks, wonderful and fun and caring beth … I don’t plan to disappoint … here goes …

gee, so charities combating hunger are now in cahoots with the meat industry? feeding the poor is essential…..BUT killing animals to do so is NOT essential…besides, if we care about people, consuming rotting (though “artificially” preserved) cadavers and corpses is not healthy for those we might wish to help.

since cattle are born to eat grass, let us take a tip from that fact of nature. the spin about human beings needing huge quantities of animal protein is a money-maker for those who are selling us a bill of goods.

wait! we get protein from devouring grass-eating bovines? how very odd. the cattle do not need animal protein…if they did, the massive number of them bred every second (“artificially” usually….there is that word again), for PROFIT (for the special brutal few) AND FOR DUPING THE PUBLIC INTO EATING WHAT IS SO WRONG FOR US, the cattle might just turn on us and eat us up!

not enough grass on earth for the over-reproduction of these naturally grazing mammals and that is why they are fed each other (the genesis for “mad cow” disease) and jelly beans and lord knows what.

pandemics like MERS, swine flu, wasting disease and bovine and human tuberculosis, the return of polio?

From National Geographic: “What sets off these spillovers—the initial spread from animal to person? Opportunity. Some human comes into contact with an animal that’s carrying a virus. It seems to be happening more in recent decades, probably for two reasons: First, we’re better able to identify and track these diseases. Second, we’re increasingly coming into contact with wildlife. More and more, we humans are going into tropical forests and the other really diverse ecosystems on the planet. We’re cutting trees, killing animals, building timber camps, building mines, causing destruction—and we’re offering the viruses that live in the wild animals of these places the opportunity to get into humans, and then pass from one human to another.”

do not be fooled by duplicitous acts of “charity” claiming that the poor need meat and that those who provide it are not always looking out for number one…none of us need meat.

we cannot condone slaughter through rationalization of slaying out of “kindnesses” (someone at the top has fooled us into believing) that are supposedly shared in “soup kitchens” — wrong-headed and devious and self-serving lack of logic.

we ourselves are lambs being led to slaughter by brainwashing and propaganda. look for the $$$$$$$$ signs behind publicity for “charity” always — 10 times out of 10 the hidden agendas become quite visible. somebody somewhere is laughing all the way to the bank.

“the world is too much with us; late and soon/getting and spending we lay waste our powers” (William Wordsworth) — too many peripheral humans also getting rich on this terrorism for it to be stopped…people we even know…look around


thanks for this feedback!

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “Excellent point made! ‘Feeding the poor’ your ‘kill’ sickens me. Sounds like something that Nugent creep would say.”

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