apathy is the devilish force at work

yep, if we care about children…really care…well, here is the basic problem…not to mention our taking food from mouths of third world children to raise our CROPS and LIVE….STOCK!

“Stop using GMOs in baby formula!” – petition here.

what part of this horror “formula” do we fail to understand?

…apathy is the devilish force at work…apathy itself is cruel beyond description.

thanks for these comments …

Tammy N. Marshall: “Apathy is just as dangerous, if not more so, than guns. I don’t know a lot about taking food from third world countries to feed our livestock but I know that if we don’t care enough to find out problems and fix them we end up hurting ourselves.”

Martina Fox Berry Perella: “I don’t believe I have an ounce of apathetic blood in my body. I look at those pictures and my heart melts. I send donations in for them, but that isn’t going to save their lives.”

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