A share is a prayer

Thanks to Deb Patterson and Senior Life for running this piece by yours truly dedicated to Northeast Indiana 1950s classic kids’ TV icons “Carol and Corkie” – you can read the original piece at this link and enjoy the scanned copy here … https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/5801756-homeward-angle-one-from-the-heart–to-carol-corkie-wherever-they-ma


a share is a prayer…a kind baby step in a world which too often does not care. please “share” when a “share” is requested…I try to do this…my reason for facebooking. happy to do so…but sad that such steps are necessary for the beautiful, important, special animal kingdom to survive and to be safe from harm at the hands of apathetic or cruel or self-serving- or “spinning” humanKIND?

share information about animal welfare every chance you get…share the plights of sentient beings and promote the orphaned who languish in shelter situations…thanks for caring. PEACEFUL KINGDOMS near and far…at home and globally…let’s all consider ourselves “local” because we are! we must share this Earth…room for all who are already here. over-population must stop…killing must stop…peace is so possible.


thanks for this feedback!

Martina Fox Berry Perella: “I decided to ‘just take a peep’….I ended up reading and reading and enjoying every minute of it. As I always tell my friends ‘memories are God’s special gifts to us.’ Susie and Roy have shown us proof of that.”

Beth Kennedy: “talk about a tv icon in the making……”

Carol Baker: “I love this. For me, it was Dr. Max and Mambo the Clown who lasted in my Iowa town for 25 years or so. They were hasty replacements for the cowboy who came on the air drunk as a skunk, told them to start playing a cartoon and then said on live TV, ‘That ought to hold the little bast**ds for a while.’ Not many of us left to remember that great moment in television history. As always, great form, Susie. Thanks for the memories.”

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