Mr. Bundy…wow? (2014)

Mr. Bundy…wow? And you’re not “feeding all of America”…not me anyway.

View “CNN exclusive: Rancher defends racist remarks: ‘I think I’m right’” by clicking here.

I don’t eat animals. And the deceased calf that you held up for Chris Cuomo to see is dead because of you…the fault is yours.

And no, your attempt to display the unfortunate baby mammal for a photo op was not proper viewing for children this morning…or ever.

And no, America has not “gone soft”… Americans in droves are evolving intelligence-wise and are beginning to realize profiteering achieved through primitive-minded, greedy over-breeding for the purposes of slaughtering en masse is violent, barbaric and unhealthful for ALL living beings…the entire animal kingdom of which humans are simply a part.

Cannot believe that this fellow is demonstrating for the entire world how preposterous “ranching” is…sorry for the sadness of his animals dying and being displaced…but then “animals as food” translated into blood-cash must stop altogether.

All of the cattle being bred ARTIFICIALLY by these types are causing bison to be slaughtered cuz not enough room on the vast plains (what’s left of them) for too many grazers and on and on it goes.

View “Apocalypse Cow! Jon Stewart Rips Sean Hannity Over Bundy Ranch Dispute” by clicking here.

Children in third worlds starving due to the masses of “american” LIVESTOCK (…examine that word…live stock…) fattening up for the kill via crops of this and that belonging to other countries’ children. Get to the root of the problem…band-aid approaches are tragically insufficient.


thanks for this input!

Neil Breakstone: “He thinks he’s right? He does not think and therefore is not. Thank you, Roy and Susie! You most assuredly do think and therefore, are.”

Joe Gilligan: “I remember first people were bashing Harry Reid for calling him [Bundy] a domestic terrorist. Well I guess people are on Harry Reid’s side now.”

Donald Louis Jones: “I prefer any desert tortoise to this selfish Bundy.”

Roberta Limoli Barufaldi: “I like it!”

Athena Chakiris Hogue: “Susie Sexton,<3”

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