LIFE IS LIFE IS LIFE and is sacred.

My response to my son Roy Sexton’s review of Disneynature’s film Bears follows – you can read his review by clicking here …

Oh, this is my favorite review of Roy’s ever!!!!! Wish I could have figured out how to say exactly what he has said…like as in “TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME…

I know whereof I speak…I have been to the mountaintop and I am sold on nature, wildlife, and unfortunate “domesticated” throw-away animals…and I am beyond dismayed and bored with self-ish-ness at the expense of what and who may need our help and our assistance to NOT BE KILLED, to no longer be IGNORED, and to be RESPECTED!

AND there is room in the human heart for concern and consideration for all living beings…not just for people…IF one claims to care about people it has to be that animals are included.

Why the H—– not?

LIFE IS LIFE IS LIFE and is sacred. Across the board…no selectivity allowed.

Just watched an uneven PBS nature show about precious mule deer and their sensitivity and intelligence and ability to know fear and grief and their hierarchy. And the fact that their numbers are diminishing and they need assistance.

Guess what? The cowboy type /documentarian had to swagger just enough to turn me off…but largely the photography was stunning…however, his complete and credible empathy got lost somewhere in his “real men” pose for the show-boating effort.

And how can folks with cameras tug at our heartstrings yet keep the cameras rolling when a little intervention via even the simplest whistle could save the day for the moment? Phooey.

thanks for this feeback!

Beth Janowski: “Thanks for sharing that, Roy! I hope it resonates in many hearts and minds.”

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